‘Nuther Mornin’

I somehow managed to get about six hours of shuteye last night, which is an improvement. Time will tell if it was a fluke or a sign of a turnaround. I hope it’s the turnaround. Of course!

One of my clients decided to go traveling at the first of the month while there was an outstanding invoice or two. In addition to mine being outstanding and now eight days late, on Monday I received an email message from the virtual (“cloud”) server provider informing me that the recurring credit card charge for their invoice had failed. I’ve got one nerve left and that got right on it. My invoice isn’t a big one, just shy of $500, but with April having been a real stinker it’s an important less than five hundred bucks.

Having not quite enough bullshit to occupy my mind, I guess, I received a text message on Tuesday from a Windows administrator kind of ass clown who works with one of my clients informing me that he is once again blaming me (one of the systems I administer) for yet another problem that cannot possibly fall within my purview. This ass clown is such an incompetent and abusive jerk that my predecessor just walked away from the contract in order to get away from him — and the ass clown boasts about having driven the guy out. Two software vendors, those who provide the most mission critical applications our client relies upon, steadfastly refuse to communicate with the ass clown and make me prove that I’m not him when I call. I’ve been trying for ten months now to get the ass clown off of his clown ass to do his small part so I can finally deploy the expensive server machine he sold them, but he just won’t budge. Nope, it’s all my fault. I fired off a mildly blistering email message to the guy Tuesday evening, Cc’d to the client company CEO and his office manager, and haven’t heard a peep in response. Hmmm… Maybe I’ve managed to solve the problem by losing the client?

If I haven’t lost the client I’m going to be billing them for every unpleasant second I spend contending with their pet ass clown for the rest of time. It’s only fitting that the unpleasant consequences of bad decisions should be suffered by those who make the bad decisions.

Maybe I should get to work now. I had more lunatic ranting to do but my email inbox is filling at a helluva rate. Be well, friends and neighbors!




5 thoughts on “‘Nuther Mornin’

  1. solberg73

    I’ve been aWOL here a while, but some things never change. One way to look at it, we’re in the same business: dealing with the same problems, whether caused by simple sub-100 IQs or the peskier chaos of folks who shoulda been capable but can’t seem to grasp.
    One little trick I just recently learned, is to rehearse out loud my responses to any foreseeable complaints. Of course I’m dealing with the vagaries of a second language, but perhaps there’s a benefit in it regardless.
    Anyway, a guy like you with so many years of navigating pretty much everything life can throw at a man, ought to do what it takes to maintain a confident if not arrogant stance. Not always easy, cuz the only skill some dead-beats have is the ability to make us feel apologetic. I’m even thinking to line my walls with pix of a good thousand successful projects from the past, just to remind myself during ‘problem’ phone calls.

    1. happierheathen Post author

      Darn glad to see you knocking about again!

      I suspect that most businesses that aren’t simple cash and carry end up dealing with the same subspecies of troglodytes. This situation is interesting because the client company is really great — everyone who works there is friendly, they never ask for immediate gratification unless there’s a problem that’s idled their office staff, and they pay the same day with a credit card with no questions asked. A real dream client, but with that ass clown contractor getting in the way. But you’re right about pumping up to the point of or just shy of arrogance because it’s the only way to solve this particular problem.

      I have a file folder that I’ve been dragging around since the late 1980’s, labeled “Egomania”. I drop printed copies of the kudos I receive into it, and when it seems that I’m not quite cheerleading energetically enough on my own behalf I whip that sucker out and thumb through it. After a few pages I’m feeling like Superman again. I think I’ll do that shortly. Thanks for the reminder!

      Oh and don’t be a stranger, huh? 🙂


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