May Flowers, of a sort

It turns out that I don’t like ethanol nearly so much as I used to, or as I used to think I did. And this morning my brain doesn’t feel right. Perhaps I should just put that chunk of skull back and tape the skin over it. It also turns out that I don’t like tobacco as much as I used to, or used to think I did. I broke down this morning and bought a pack of cigarettes after however long it’s been that I’ve been without, and I just don’t like ’em at all. Doesn’t mean I won’t finish smoking the pack, though — they’re a mental stimulant, and I need to be mental today.

No, I don’t mean intellectual. Don’t give me any credit I do not deserve.

This morning started out on a 100% crappy note. I finally gave in and cranked up PokerStars to play some Pot Limit Omaha, which I haven’t done in a fairly long time. With play money, of course, since the government says it’s okay for me to go piss my money away on casino slot machines at which I will lose, but I can’t sit in the comfort of my own home and play online poker at which I will probably win. Makes no sense to me, but then nothing about humans makes any sense anyway. As is usual at play money tables there were some hyperaggressive monkeys at the table, but my experience as a cash player hoping to turn pro included forcing myself to play against and learn to beat the “aggrotards” who usually dominate the tables they play. It went like clockwork even though I haven’t played in quite a long time. I showed the monkeys what they wanted to see so it looked to them just like any other day playing poker, then smoked them when I landed monster hands. As often happens, I managed to tilt the aggrotards — they’d thought that they were pushing me to irrationally play back at them, but the table turned and they were irrationally playing back against me. Gotta love it.

That’s why one of the three left the table felted on a big hand, and on the next hand the remaining two ended up all-in on the turn. My hole cards were A♦ K♦ with a Jack and Ten unsuited, not a monster but still quite respectable and very playable. The flop was in my favor so I led strongly by betting the pot, and got raised. No worries there; I reraised and was called. The turn came and I was holding the nut flush so just being silly I check-raised and, being fully tilted by now, they both went all-in. Yay me. The river filled my Royal Flush. Ship It! 😀

That turned my whole morning around. Now the software that’s been fighting me all week is working and will be done soon with a bit of cleanup to get rid of the debugging litter, and then it’s a race to the finish of the project. Finally!

Oh, and yesterday that potential new client came on board, first with a single project to see how things work out, and should he be satisfied he’ll bring in the administration contracts for his seven servers and add some additional projects. I don’t see any signs of it being carrot and stick games as there was no sell job and he didn’t ask for any concessions. So I’ll be adding the company as a monthly admin contract soon enough because I don’t disappoint clients. 🙂

So, ya know, fuck April. Good riddance to it.

Back to work I go. Be well, friends and neighbors!


4 thoughts on “May Flowers, of a sort

  1. theinfiniterally

    When the metaphorical chips are down, play with literal ones? Some kind of moral in there, surely. To the degree that anyone has been willing to teach me, poker is fun. I’m glad a little fun turned your day around.

  2. digitalgranny

    Drinking and smoking does not help stimulate me but causes me to get sick and silly.
    Coffee stimulates my brain and helps my through process be more alert.
    I am grateful April is over also and May is here.
    I am hoping for a better month with less bs and more positive experiences.


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