Saw this on the evil G+, “What Programmers Do All Day”:



Yep, I’m there. I’m sooooooooooo there. And all I can think of to say about that just now is “fuck that!”.

The thing before me is simple enough. It’s a thing we all do every damned time we turn around, “fork and exec”. Simple. Easy peasy. The main program forks (makes a copy of itself) and then executes another program. Maybe ya hang around doing nothing until the forked process returns, maybe you’re crafty and go on doing other things until the forked process returns, either way you look afterward to see what happened. Only this time it’s not happening. Or maybe it is, and as I type this a forked process is up to its ass in alligators and is about to decide that its only shot at salvation is to light the whole motherfucking swamp on fire. I’ve no clue. At this time.

My internet connection fell completely apart on the 15th, and after they ostensibly fixed it it has been as flaky as a Republican senator in a red light district. I’ve got to call CenturyLink about it, but I know they’re going to give me the runaround and have me unplug this, reboot that, wait several minutes, blah blah blah. Then when I say that it’s working for the time being, they’ll say that it’s all fixed and I should call them back if it proves otherwise. Then I’ll call them back when it pukes again, and we’ll go through nine miles of bullshit at the end of which they’ll tell me that all of their tests pass so the problem must be on my side of the demarc. Then, because I am one seriously irritable bitch today, I’ll say something that I should but won’t find regrettable.

6 thoughts on “Argh!

  1. digitalgranny

    Hope they get it fixed.
    Century Link here sucks and people who get it can not wait to get rid of it.
    We have comcast and have never had a problem getting a permanent fix when something goes bug nuts on us.
    Hope your day gets better.

    1. happierheathen Post author

      I’ve love to ditch CenturyLink, but my only other option here is Charter and to get a fixed IP address would cost me way too much. On the up side, CenturyLink is sending a tech out tomorrow — the guy lives a block south of me, so he doesn’t have far to commute. 🙂

  2. theinfiniterally

    That has to be a nightmare for a programmer. Geezy. I hope it gets straightened out and you can rejoin the land of the living.


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