Some work weeks just don’t end until the next one begins.

I’ve always been a big Robin Trower fan, and sometimes I get into a real Trower mood. This song has been speaking to me since it was new, way back when — and life has been doing its level best to make me appreciate it more with each passing year.

It’s just the week I’ve had… I started out all set to have a great week, then just a few minutes shy of 8 o’clock Monday morning I received the email message about the Heartbleed bug and that set the tone of the rest of the week. I got the Heartbleed stuff done in my customary proficient, efficient manner but it totally hammered my schedule just as I was about to get caught up again. Things have just been breaking down ever since. When my workday ended on Friday I looked forward to spending my weekend just relaxing. I’d originally planned to get out and mow the lawns, but there’s no sense mowing in a snowstorm. Springtime in the Rockies…

I did get the ugly steel shelf out of my office, replaced by my prototype of a more furniture looking wooden thing. It’s quieter with the computers being below desktop height, and the office looks more open without a six foot tall steel shelf unit taking up all of that vertical space. That was supposed to be the only thing I did this weekend, but it wasn’t to be. I got to discover four ethernet cables that were on the verge of failing and just waiting to be moved to give up the ghost, and also that I’d forgotten that to make things work as I intended I could not connect the “Internet” jack of the wi-fi router to the DSL router. I was so fatigued by that point that it took me two hours to realize the mistake I’d made. Two hours to figure out to move the ethernet cable from one jack to the next. Duh.

I’m just about ready for that bit lottery jackpot to come our way. $45 million (Wednesday night’s Powerball payout, lump sum, after taxes) would probably do the trick we need done. Just now I guess I’ll settle for setting fire to some flowers.

Be well, friends and neighbors, and please do have a better week than the one I’ve just had!


15 thoughts on “Some work weeks just don’t end until the next one begins.

  1. theinfiniterally

    Cool tune. I dig it.

    Sorry about the crappy week. I’m extra appreciative that you were able to provide us with the public service announcement in the midst of all that.

  2. digitalgranny

    I spent a day changing passwords and all of that stuff on pc, mac, iPads, and iPhones.
    I hope this week coming up in just a few hours is much better than the one you just had.

    1. happierheathen Post author

      Hooray! Most people are just blowing it off, saying “My computer isn’t affected because it doesn’t have OpenSSL on it” because they don’t understand that the internet is more than just their own computer.

      I napped for four hours today, so it was a better day than any of last week. Thanks!

  3. cocosangel

    I have been changing passwords etc and wondering if my computer has been affected. !!
    The point is, I write down all the passwords, and only hope I wouldn’t loose the paper it is on.

    1. happierheathen Post author

      There’s a cute tool you can use called LastPass: It’ll remember all of your web site passwords for you. I’d been meaning to try it for quite some time, and just installed it on all of my own non-server computers — it’s pretty slick.

      I’m happy to know that you changed your passwords. Lots of people are just blowing it off like it’s someone else’s problem.

    1. happierheathen Post author

      I’ve got the same thing going on. It’s pretty sure that I’ll either work until I die or be forced to retire into poverty, so a couple bucks a week that I won’t miss seems a good way to buy a daydream. So what if the odds are greater that I’ll get hit by lightning four times? 😀

  4. girlforgetful

    Yeaaa, I’ve been blowing it off because it makes me giggle to think of someone trying to use my identity to get credit. I guess I should take care of that, though. I’d like to keep what I have. I’ve heard of Robin Trower but I couldn’t name one song of his, though I know one of the local stations plays his music sometimes. That old familiar *scratch – scratch* at the end, I don’t miss that, but it still makes me smile to think that’s what we listened to all the time back in the day. Sorry your week kinda’ sucked, blame whoever you blame for these things, the infamous THEY. I secretly wish they would recruit and train me. 😉

  5. LAMarcom

    Wow! I had completely forgotten about Robin Trower! I first heard him back when I was in Sinai. Now I gotta go find all those long lost tunes.
    Thanks for bring this back to me.

  6. LAMarcom

    Uh oh!
    Been surfing about in old posts and found this one of yours. Smacked my head! Robin Trower! I scrolled down to post a poignant comment about Robin Trower. Imagine my embarrassment when I discovered I had already, albeit months ago. I suppose I could use the excuse, “Well, I’ve slept since then…” But, I suspect alcohol may have been involved.
    Nonetheless, I am happy to have returned to this post.
    Since I am still relatively sober, I am gonna download some Trower for real now. And just in case I get ‘distracted’ ‘ere I do that, I have written myself a note to do same.


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