Ain’t No New News Here

In other news, I’m still looking forward to taking a weekend off. I didn’t do any work for clients today, but I did some work for the office and didn’t quite get it finished. I’m building a new shelf unit to house my networking gear and some computers — my workstation, the network backup server, and my web/mail/DNS server. I’ve decided that the wifi gateway and telephone adapter are going to get stuck right to the wall in some kind of nerdy art nouveau kind of arrangement. There’s no particular reason for that, it’s just an expression of my looniness.

It all began with the simple little task of determining that it was just the wall wart and not the network switch it’s supposed to power that had failed. It was a happy little discovery, because without my switch I’ve only got nine ethernet ports, eight of which are filled and one of which is essentially worthless because it’s in the phone adapter so can reach the internet but not the LAN. With a client’s new server here in the office to be loaded up with operating system, software, web sites, archived mail, and so on, I really really really needed a port I could reach from the LAN. It’s hard to look at web sites on a server you cannot reach. But with the switch being dead and the power supply for my cheesy little network hub AWOL, I was forced to make do with wifi. I hate wifi.

So with the switch brought back to life, I got to thinking that it was time to defuckerize the equipment shelf. I like to call it a rack just because it sounds cool, but the truth of the matter is that it’s steel shelving. I’ve had an idea for a cool shelf unit I’d like to build, but I’ve been (a) a bit short on tools, and (b) not keen on spending the time and money risking that I might not really like it. Today I got that bug up my ass, and decided to prototype the thing with some scrap wood that’s been lying around the garage since the sunshine box project for indoor tomato growing.

And, yes, for any who haven’t been following the insipid happenings in this heathen’s life for all that long, it was really tomatoes and not tomatoes as a code word for marijuana. Brandywine tomatoes, in fact. Some kind of virus or fungus finally got ’em and the sunshine box has been empty since. Next time around it’ll probably get marijuana. 😀

After I got going on my little project, I was reminded of why I had so much spare wood lying around. It’s all pieces that are bent, twisted, and/or cracked. It’s been a long, long time since I saw board lumber that wasn’t in poor condition. For about the last 20 years one of the longest parts of any project has been sorting through the lumber to find the pieces that are the least shitty… The pieces I’m using were among the least shitty of what was available at the time, but that’s not saying much about the quality of it. It should have been about a two or three hour project… I put about five into it and had to leave it as a Rube Goldberg contraption of bar clamps and nylon tie-downs that might or might not leave me with something more closely approximating parallel and perpendicular planes after the glue sets. It might just pull itself apart instead.

Oh, and I finally got around to giving up the evil tobacco yesterday, too. A few days shy of ten years after I took the damn things back up again. It wasn’t supposed to take so long.

Oh damn. My alarm will go off in about five and a half hours… gotta go hold my pillow down for a bit. Be well friends and neighbors!


7 thoughts on “Ain’t No New News Here

  1. theinfiniterally

    No news is good news, but it’s good to hear from you.

    Well if course you meant tomatoes. Who wouldn’t rather have tomatoes? One of these days, I will grow indoor tomatoes in the winter. Usually when the bug bites me, it’s too late. I’d like to hear about your design sometime.

    Don’t be a stranger.

    1. happierheathen Post author

      The sunshine box is a pretty simple affair. It’s a… oh damn, it’s tape measure time… a box frame with interior dimensions being six feet wide, three feet deep, and 4’8″ tall, with poultry netting all around to keep Miss Awesome out. Inside there are six two-tube 48″ fluorescent hoods loaded up with grow light tubes.

      Ah, hell… time for a new blog entry! Stay tuned.

  2. sojournable

    Congrats on giving up smoking.

    My creative streak yesterday was rather impressive, if I do say so myself. I felt rather accomplished at using gorilla glue to stick some paper to cardboard. See, I have talents, too. 😉

    1. happierheathen Post author

      Schawee-eet! I’ll bet your stuff stayed stuck better than mine did. Mine pulled itself apart. I put it back together, twice, and so far it seems quite peculiar. It’s sure to get worse as I add more to it.

      Oh! Thanks! I can’t say that I’ve given up smoking, just smoking tobacco. 😉


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