Almost Another Kid Photo

Just another kid picture, almost. The spider who sat down beside her on their anniversary trip to Sedona last year:



He didn’t actually sit down beside her. She picked him up when she saw him wandering past on his nightly hunt for something to suck the life out of. Several photos came my way, with she and Mister Spider posing with him walking around on her. I was waiting for one with her planting a smooch on his big fuzzy six-eyed face, but she apparently didn’t get around to that because she was having too much fun teasing some frightened burly he-man lookin’ dudes. After a while she turned him loose to continue his hunt. He probably ate a chupacabra.

I like the tarantula photos because my darling Amethyst is The Spider Queen. 🙂 She dressed that way for our Halloween wedding, and when we catch a spider in the house when it’s too cold or just too inconvenient to take it outside right away she’ll find something for the thing to eat. One spider came back three or four more times after being treated so hospitably the first time — we knew it was the same spider because it had only five legs. Maybe being handicapped its hunting skills were degraded and it needed the help? It was really something that it kept coming back. It was a long walk for such a small critter. We turned the spiders loose about thirty feet from the house, at the edge of the veggie garden, and to get back into the downstairs bathroom from there he had to cross our driveway, climb the wall to the roof, walk across the roof as far as the ventilation duct, then go down the duct to the downstairs bathroom. I suppose it was possible there was another commonly used entrance, but we found a lot more spiders in the downstairs bathroom than in any other part of the house, and I sometimes spotted them lowering themselves on a web from the ceiling vent.

Duty calls. Have an eight legged day, friends and neighbors!


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