Doing My Proud Poppa Thing

‘Scuse me while I go all proud poppa here. This is the girl Amethyst and I made, and her husband, in their anniversary photo shoot:



Her natural hair color isn’t often seen and that’s not it. Kids these days… can’t teach ’em anything. Oh, and I’m supposed to plug the photographer, so here’s the plug for Daniel R. Wilson Photography, Tucson, Arizona.

The kid got her looks from Amethyst and her brains from me. There’s nothing wrong with Amethyst’s brain or my looks, but I’m glad it went the way it did.



The pirate theme kinda falls apart with picnic tables in the background and her holding her own (razor sharp) katana rather than a cutlass. I’m thinkin’ this photo was just goofing. The same photographer did their anniversary photo shoot last year, in the same location though with a different theme, and didn’t catch picnic tables and such in the background. I gotta say that if those two ever pull their swords on one another in anger, I’m betting on her. 😀



Now I guess I understand the katana, anyway. They must have brought all of their own props — the miniature treasure chest is our eldest grandson’s. He got it right here in Dinkytown during a visit many, many moons ago.

Though I’m the proud poppa, it deserves to be said that our son in law is a pretty great guy, too. Until she found him I was absolutely convinced that there wasn’t such a thing as one worthy of our baby, but he very quickly proved me wrong despite the fact that I was strongly biased. They’re very good for each other.

I guess those get-a-marriage-right-the-first-time genes skipped a few generations. 😀




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