Mellow Out.

Thank the fourth dimension it’s Saturday. I’ve had one of those weeks that is sure to leave one such as myself feeling that humans are just too much bother and not worth the effort. I’m not really keen on getting emotionally involved with technical problems but I know way too many people who are and they’ve made life entirely too interesting. I’ve been mediating petty disagreements that have gotten blown way out of proportion, trying to work around a Windows network/system administrator with whom I share a mutual client and who is way too jealous, and various other more minor annoyances that seem bigger just because they’re coincident with the others.

But now it’s Saturday. Yay.

Just now I’m feeling, rather than thinking, that I miss the hell out of the 1970’s. Not Nixon, or war, or oil embargoes, or disco, but the attitude that was prevalent among those of us who rejected all of those things as unworthy of dignified humans. I really was fond of the mellow attitude, which was the polar opposite of today’s extremism in every fucking thing. Extreme food, extreme sports, extreme religion, extreme politics, extreme fucking extremity. Bah! I’ve had enough of extreme.

My old friend Janet who somehow managed to lose me even before I met Amethyst was the epitome of the post Vietnam War latter-day hippie chick — most of the hippies disappeared into the woodwork when the war ended but a few of us were more principled and weren’t just being trendy. Something she used to say when admonishing others who were getting entirely too worked up was the wise and poetic “Just mellow the fuck out, man”. Yes indeed. 21st century America needs very much to just mellow the fuck out. We need to send all of the shrieking heads on television off to retirement, send all of the radical preachers and politicians off to their own island somewhere, and then settle in to do some serious problem solving with open minds, mellow attitudes, and the one thing that’s most missing from our modern society: Awareness of and concern for the effects we have on others.

Oh, yeah: Fuck Hobby Lobby, too. Those assholes really do need to just mellow the fuck out, and stop trying to claim that (a) corporations have religion (or consciousness, or conscience), and (b) their corporation’s religion is an excuse, well, for anything at all. They’re today’s finest example of what I believe is wrong with our extremist culture. Or at least they are until someone else takes the lead, which might already have happened without my notice.

I suppose I’ll take my own advice now, and spend the next few hours just mellowing the fuck out.




5 thoughts on “Mellow Out.

  1. LAMarcom

    “Just now I’m feeling, rather than thinking, that I miss the hell out of the 1970′s. Not Nixon, or war, or oil embargoes, or disco, but the attitude that was prevalent among those of us who rejected all of those things as unworthy of dignified humans.”

    “Absolutely fuckin’ Goddamn right”

    I think you may recognize the quote: it is from Apocalypse now.
    Great Post.
    I want a Seventies Time Machine. Don’t care if it is running old software. I will manage.
    Cheers Brother!

    1. happierheathen Post author

      I thought that line seemed familiar. Then again, it’s something I’ve been saying since I was seven years old. Could be they got it from me. 😀

      It’d be nice to be able to look forward to the next Led Zep album, wouldn’t it?

  2. theinfiniterally

    Jeebus. I hope there is a plan to minimize having to work with these kinds of doofuses in the future. I am looking into meat rabbits myself.

    Sometimes I think I am reincarnated from some chick who listened to a lot of Fleetwood Mac in the 70’s. It seems like a lot of stuff that sucks about now was only starting to gear up then.

    One of the songs I can’t ever seem to finish the lyrics for is about clean-sweeping the country from east to west and dumping the sweepings in the Pacific. Maybe they could make a livable island from all the plastic floating around out there?

    Fuck Hobby Lobby! I am tired of being dragged there!

    1. happierheathen Post author

      I’m kinda stuck dealing with doofoids until a lottery jackpot or death. Living among humans kinda guarantees it.

      I (stupidly) thought we’d got onto the right track when we got rid of Nixon, but then came November 4, 1980, the day I became terribly cynical. It seems that ever since we’ve been trying to prove that there is no limit to the stupidity and callousness of the Amerikan Sheeple.

      I suggest that we sweep in the opposite direction. First, it’d be easier as the western slopes of our mountain ranges rise gradually, while the eastern scarps are more precipitous. More importantly, though, Pacific pollution is more detrimental to us than is Atlantic pollution because the weather (generally) moves west to east.


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