Thangs Ah Bleeve

I don’t recall ever taking on a Daily Prompt and I don’t know why I’m taking on today’s, which is to tell three things that you believe in your heart to be true, and three things that you believe in your heart to be false. For the duration I am going to pretend that what I believe matters, knowing all the while that it doesn’t.

Things I Believe To Be True:

  1. Dogma and ideology are the most destructive forces in all of the human world and are growing more rather than less destructive with each successive generation.
  2. We’re running out of time to make the changes necessary to prevent dogma and ideology from destroying human civilization as we know it. If we’re lucky it’ll only be human civilization that is destroyed.
  3. The Beatles were half right. Love isn’t all we need, but without it the rest is meaningless.

Things I Believe To Be False:

  1. Deities, and all of the supernatural beings and prophets associated with them.
  2. American Exceptionalism, in particular, and nationalism/ethnocentrism in general.
  3. Most of what my feller Amerikins believe to be true.

I shall now avoid expansion upon all of the above, just to prove that I can.


5 thoughts on “Thangs Ah Bleeve

  1. theinfiniterally

    got to kind of agree with you, here. I think if everyone could allow for the basic possibility that they could be fallible, it would go a long way. the only hope I see of that happening is it spreading from person to person, sort of like a virus. Luckily we still have the freedom to decide who we want to be in some quarters and can choose to be a contagion if we so desire.


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