Just got an email message: Aereo can no longer operate in Denver and/or Salt Lake Shitty because the Tenth Circus Court of The United States has issued an injunction against them, and the Appeals Court has refused to overturn it. The broadcasters who are suing Aereo claim, essentially, that the only slightly higher tech version of a DVR infringes their rights and Aereo owes them licensing fees.


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  1. digitalgranny

    Well if they are owed I hope they get paid.
    Albertsons has bough tout safeway here and for the first time since I was a kid there will not be a safe ways here in this area.
    Radio Shack has also shut it”s store here too.
    Everyone says well you will soon have a super walmart.
    Big whoop!!!
    Do not like Walmart.

  2. happierheathen Post author

    Every previous time that Aereo’s been hauled into court for providing their service they’ve prevailed. It makes sense, to me: It’s just the same thing as having a rented DVR and streaming programming from it to your computer or television, except that the internet takes place of your in-home wi-fi.

    We won’t shop at Wal-Mart on moral grounds, and have often driven another fifty miles past Wal-Mart to shop at one of their competitors.

  3. Roadkill Spatula

    I still use rabbit ears and pay for streaming Netflix, which I rarely use now that I’m married to a monolingual Spanish speaker. This sounds like a good alternative. I hope they survive.


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