Cannabis is stealing all of the medicinal herb headlines lately, which is understandable enough for many reasons including the fact that it’s the only medicinal plant many people know. As thrilled as I am about legalized weed here in Colorado, I think it important for us all to know that there are many herbs that can treat many diseases. Wouldja believe that dandelion root has strong anti-cancer properties?

If big words put your brain to sleep, the short version is that plain old dandelion root, whirled in a blender with water and then dried, kills off a form of leukemia that kills most who contract it within two years of diagnosis. Which is to say that like so many other diseases that herbs can treat it is beyond the ability of modrun medikill seance. This does not prevent the bastards from pushing chemo and radiation to ensure that the last year or two of your life really sucks.


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