Almost Sprung

So bummed. Today we brought home a dog from the doggie jail, a six month old mutt that’s half yellow Lab, quarter chocolate Lab, and quarter Pit Bull, with the only sign of the Pit in her appearance being her pink nose. She was a real sweetie, a love sponge, and appeared to be unconcerned about Miss Autumn Cat. Autumn wasn’t so sure about the whole thing, but obviously wanted to be friends. She was afraid though not afraid enough to run and hide. Instead she just got a little closer a little at a time, with her hackles up and ready to tangle if needed. That’s saying a lot about our twitchy cat’s desire to make friends — when the grandkids were here she just hid out until they left. She hissed and growled at first to let the dog know that she was not to be trifled with, but kept inching closer just the same. My attempt to introduce them left me bleeding from a kitty slash that runs along the full length of the inside of my right index finger. Ouch. It seemed best to let them settle it between themselves.

About an hour into it, the dog procured Autumn’s rubber duckie… a bit later Autumn got within two feet of it and the dog lunged at her. Well, shucks. The dog thinks it’s her toy now, so we’ll see what happens. Autumn only plays with the duck for a few seconds at a stretch anyway, bats it around a bit and then finds another toy that she likes better.

About 20 minutes ago the dog was lying on the sofa to my left, and Miss Awesome thought she’d give a try coming up on my right. The dog lunged at her again, and if I hadn’t caught her by the neck she might have got the cat. I moved her back, gave her a stern no, and she settled down. For about a minute. As soon as Autumn’s face appeared over the sofa cushion again the dog went for her again.

That aggressive possessiveness just will not stand. The dog is back in doggie jail now. Amethyst and I are bummed but Autumn is happy. One out of three ain’t bad.


9 thoughts on “Almost Sprung

    1. happierheathen Post author

      No toes. We took the dog back to be adopted by someone else. Miss Autumn is declawed in the front to prevent her from finishing the job of taking our house apart, so she can’t defend herself. We can’t defend her 24/7 so we can’t have another critter in the house that would make that necessary.

    1. happierheathen Post author

      No worries. It’s a local colloquialism — Dinkytown is very much a dog town, and we’re one of the very few families without a dog. People here take their dogs everywhere with them, and many shops that give candy to customers give dog biscuits to their customers’ dogs. So around here the pound is doggie jail, the animal control officer is the doggie cop, the vet is the doggie doc, and in most cases the vehicle without a dog in it belongs to a tourist. 😀

  1. whyzat

    That’s too bad, but you just can’t have family at each other’s throats like that! Is this the time that the word “literally” can be used correctly?
    Maybe you should take Miss Autumn to the doggie jail with you next time and make sure she and the prospective pooch have the right chemistry before you bring one home.

    1. happierheathen Post author

      Though it’s a great idea, all we’d learn is that Miss Autumn can still let my blood. When her world is the way she likes it she’s just the most sweetie lovin’ baby of a cat you could ever hope to meet, but when she’s unhappy with the state of her world she will shred anything and everything that’s between her and her hiding place.

  2. LAMarcom

    My father always kept thirteen black cats about the house in HG, Texas when I was ‘growing up’ there.
    There was method behind his magic.


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