Feigned Cluelessness

That jerk of a former client whom I sent packing when his contract ended at the end of February just emailed me, going on as though nothing has changed but then ending with, “Are you willing to continue to assist us?”. The first sentence of the email message I sent to him in mid-February was:

I regret that it’s come so quickly to this, but I am terminating our business relationship effective 11:59PM Mountain Standard Time on the 28th of February, 2014.

And the last sentence of it was:

Though I no longer wish to conduct business with you, I do still wish you the greatest of success in your ventures.

That seems very clear to me, and there’s nothing between those two sentences that might seem to qualify them. Just a moment ago I blocked his number on my cell phone and firewalled the IP addresses of his server from my own server. I’m not going to waste more effort on the guy. I’m slightly proud of myself for this, as in the past I’ve instead been progressively more insulting with each contact after the one that was supposed to be the last until the rejected other has finally got hurt or angry enough to leave me alone.

It’s kinda funny. All of my least favorite people have/had that same MO: Be a real shit until the other person reacts appropriately, then reestablish contact some time later as if the bad behavior never happened. Never mention it, certainly never apologize for it, just pretend it never happened and try to manipulate the good nature, or the cowardice, of the one wronged. It’s because I find that behavior so despicable that I’ve always in the past gleefully demonstrated that my good nature is not subject to manipulation. Not bloodying the carpet is a new twist that feels somewhat unnatural.

Don’t anyone even think of suggesting that I might be growing up.


4 thoughts on “Feigned Cluelessness

    1. happierheathen Post author

      It’s because I’m related to some many of that nature that I can’t find it within me to tolerate it. None of those relatives can contact me, either. Life is good. 🙂

  1. whyzat

    Ya have to speak VERY clearly to some people! In college, I actually had to say to a guy, “go away!” Hmm, maybe that guy is now your former client.

    1. happierheathen Post author

      I’m just going to employ the technology that enables avoidance. It’s like saying “go away!” but without words. Well, without my words anyway. If he tries to send email his server will bounce his message back to him with an annotation that it was unable to connect to my server. That’ll do.


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