If it hadn’t begun before I went to bed last night I’d think that Amethyst punched me in my head while I was sleeping. I’ve got a sporadic pain in the TMJ, which is “temporomandibular joint” not “this mother-humblin’ jawbone”, for any of you who are unfamiliar with the initialism. I hope the sporadic pain in my mother-humblin’ jawbone goes away of its own accord, and soon.

I’ve only ever known one confirmed mother-humbler, come to think of it. Only it didn’t humble her any, as she was yet another pathological narcissist and she really screwed up her son by it. That’s what pathological narcissists do, when they’re parents. If I were king of the world I’d institute a mental health testing program that would be compulsory for every young adult capable of reproduction, and any who proved to be within that disorder spectrum would be immediately sterilized, then tattooed on the face with a big red N. Really big, spanning both cheeks, with the upper portions of the N right beneath the eyes and the bottom of it in line with the mouth.

Not that I have strong feelings on the matter. 😉

I finished off that project for that asshole client, so with any luck there’s nothing more I need do for the bastard before I’m forever done with him in a few days. Now all I have to do is figure out how to pack seven days worth of work into the next three so I don’t blow a deadline I committed to before that jerk came on board. Sometimes I hate that part of my job description is “pulls miracles out of his ass”.

There’s a funny thing we do here in (at last some parts of) Colorado: When someone is considered by the court to have a drinking problem, a “protective order” (like one that might be issued to keep a violent person away from a victim) is issued barring that person from possessing or consuming alcohol. If that person is later caught in possession or under the influence of alcohol, they are arrested and charged with violating the protective order. I don’t know how well it works to keep people from screwing up. During the years I spent working at one of the liquor stores here in Dinkytown, the only difference I ever saw it make was that drunks talked their friends into buying their alcohol for them. Most of them got busted later anyway, and some of those who got busted saw leaving the state as their best option. Problem solved? Nah.

I don’t have any ideas about how to solve that problem, but I know foolishness when I see it and that whole protective order thing is foolish. Punishment does not work. If it did, recidivism would be as unknown a word as is pseudopneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis, which my browser believes to be misspelled but is not. I suppose one could argue that if it saves only one life it is worth it… but none of us wants to live in that world. If outlawing cell phones keeps them out of the hands of drivers and saves even one life, it is worth it. If turning off all of the electrical generation stations around the country will prevent even one fatal electrocution or electrical fire, it is worth it. If shutting down the internet (or outlawing Catholicism) will prevent even one child from being molested, it will be worth it.

Admittedly, there are threatening human conditions that we don’t currently know how to banish, conditions so threatening that locking the sufferer up and throwing away the key is the only solution we’ve got at present. We can’t just throw our hands up in despair and say that because we don’t know how to fix a serial killer’s mental malfunction we’re going to let him roam free. But something like alcoholism? Surely there’s a better solution than just locking them up to make them even more miserable and that much less likely to recover after they’re released.

I just read an article about America’s least literate cities. The top five are three cities in Texas and two in California. Shocked, I’m not. Another article about the most literate includes a couple of cities in Colorado. Apparently 29 years of decriminalized marijuana hasn’t made us all that stupid.

Another article I just read is about Congress being “skeptical” about plans to shrink the size of the US military. Hmmm… this would be the Congress that forced the Pentagon to take more money than the Department of Defense even asked for? The 2015 defense budget is just shy of half a trillion dollars. Maybe we should jail the Joint Chiefs for being addicted to public debt.

Maybe I should get back to work now.


3 thoughts on “Musings.

  1. theinfiniterally

    Achy jawbones are the worst. Yeah, get rid of it soon. (The pain, not the jawbone.)

    I am in favor of the red N. Sterilized. You ain’t kiddin.

    Ass miracles. I think you’ve coined a new term. If you want.

    I can believe that a heavy-handed approach to helping people with their personal problems doesn’t do much to get to the root.

    I haven’t mastered the art of saving people’s souls or lives. Maybe if you shoot em while they’re still sober?

  2. Roadkill Spatula

    I have only had a couple of minor episodes of TMJ. The last one was a few weeks ago. I gave myself a massage below and in front of my ears, and it eased. But I’ve known people to go as far as surgery because of chronic problems. I hope you can get it dealt with.

    Narcissists are annoying. I keep my distance when I can.

    Pretty much anyone on probation is required to stay away from drugs and alcohol. I imagine it makes some of them think twice. My brother got serious about his alcohol problem when he got sent to jail. He is fortunate that he is a vet and the VA is willing to take care of him. I wonder what people do who are broke.


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