F’in J, Part… Three?

At times like this it seems that the only reasonable action is to burn some flowers.

I told my new, problem client that our business will be finished when February is finished, but that until then everything remains as agreed. Of course it does. An agreement is an agreement, and men of their words honor their agreements. Though I regret it now, I told the guy that I’d deliver a custom application that he doesn’t yet know he desperately needs as a sign-on bonus, gratis.

A few minutes ago I received an email message from my almost gone problem client telling me to cease work on the thing, saying something about being not so keen on having an open-ended expense. What Are The Fucks? I’ve told him four times now that he’s not paying a nickel for the thing.

[long pause… more email, some errands run in town…]

As I suspected right from the start, the guy came into it convinced that I was going to always be looking for some way to screw him out of money. I even wrote about it. The thing is, when left to his own devices he screws himself out of money and blames others for it. Sure, every cut-rate developer with whom he’s ever contracted has got in over his/her/their head(s) by underestimating the difficulty of doing interesting things in software, but after the first few it’s all his own damned fault. Some folks will never take responsibility for the unpleasant consequences of their own bad decisions and this guy is one of them. My patience for that sort is zero. I would probably be more patient with them if I were to encounter a compelling reason to do so.

Kinda funny, ain’t it, that the guy who was expected to be always on the lookout for a way to screw him out of money has told him that his money is no longer wanted, and is dedicated to developing and delivering a non-trivial custom application for free?

I wonder what’s in these blue bottles on my desk. I’ll have to take a look!


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