It’s A Beautiful Morning

Well, it’s 12 degrees out and the roads are lumpy and bumpy with packed snow and ice, but it’s a beautiful morning just the same. The deer just stood aside and watched me pass on the way home after dropping Amethyst off at her place of employment, and Autumn meowed a howdy at me after I came in from the garage. What more could an old longhair ask for in a morning?

Oh yeah. He could ask to get his ass into the kitchen where his sourdough starter awaits. If I don’t get after that shortly I’ll have to stay up late to finish it, and that sucks because the alarm goes off at 3:30AM whether I’m ready for it or not. My days of running along just fine no matter how sleep deprived are long past. When I was a teenager I could (and often did) run around all weekend with no more than a single 20 minute nap somewhere along the way, but I notice a single lost hour now. On the up side, I’m alive to experience this, these early stages of being an old bastard. And there’s a cat in the family room. Life is good.

Have a fine day, friends and neighbors, and shout out a happy birthday wish to my online pal Ms. Sojournable.


One thought on “It’s A Beautiful Morning

  1. whyzat

    As soon as I read your post title, I thought of that song.1968? Really!? Man, I was eleven years old. Eleven is a good age; you’r no longer a whiny kid, and you’re not yet a whiny teenager. And far from being a whiny, middle-aged adult—like I am now.
    I hope your day contiues to be a beautiful one.


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