Thoughts For Today

First the music for this morning, a tune with which I start many of my days:

And some people wonder why I find so much of today’s music insipid. 😀

Look, Ma! No baggies!


The demon weed has so far not caused me to lose my short term memory or my motivation, go in search of heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine, peyote, or hallucinogens of any sort, and I haven’t felt any need to steal, rob, rape, murder, attend church, or register as a Republican. And dammit I’ve still never got an attack of the munchies! It didn’t bother me that the Broncos didn’t bother to show up at the Stuporbowl yesterday. It wouldn’t have anyway, as I don’t really give three fifths of a shit what a group of guys do with a ball in some faraway place. I watched the game just because it seemed the proper Coloradan thing to do, to watch one bowl while putting fire to another. It would have been more entertaining, I think, to have hung out with Amethyst who was watching the Gilligan’s Island movies. She does that kind of thing without helping me to dispose of the contents of those childproof bottles. (She works for an organization that is partially funded by the federales, so she’s being responsible and not putting her employment at risk. As I didn’t put my employment at risk for years and years when in the same position. I even avoided poppy seed muffins, as much as I love the darn things. I’ve got a big ole monstrous foodservice sized jug of poppy seeds now and don’t hesitate to cook with them. 🙂 )

In other happy news, I’ve been sleeping soundly all through the night ever since those two blue bottles came home with me. Just a wee small pinch from the bottle on the left in the pipe a half hour before bedtime, and I’m not too mentally busy to find sleep or waking in the night to adjust the position of my grouchy-ass spine. I awoke this morning at 3:11AM, 19 minutes ahead of the alarm, and didn’t feel at all like cursing the hour. Instead, I was looking forward to starting the day and getting some important work done.

Speaking of which I suppose I ought to get after that important work now, having done my part to destroy my own life and all that is great and good about Uhmerrika.


3 thoughts on “Thoughts For Today

  1. asexatheani

    I donated $10 to one of the four (!) marijuana legalization initiatives here in CA (the MCLR), the one that seemed the most likely to pass. I do hope it becomes legal in time for my 21st, but if not I can always wait.

    I think Colorado’s showing people that those who smoke marijuana are-surprise!-just like everyone else. It’s nothing more than a relaxant, or a medication, and I’m glad we’re finally removing the societal stigma attach

    1. happierheathen Post author

      Heh. I’ll smoke to that! 😀

      I think it’d be great fun to take some of these folks who’ve bought the propaganda out to breakfast one morning. Just blindfold them and fly them in, take off their blindfolds at the restaurant, and let them order their meals. Let them wonder why it is that so many of the other patrons are glaring at them, and young mothers are glancing disapprovingly at them while whispering to their children. Just let them feel it for a while. Then just before leaving, explain to them that this particular Denny’s is just a stone’s throw from Brigham Young University, and all of those young people glaring at them were Mormons who see coffee as a sinful addictive drug. The young mothers were explaining to their children that just because someone else drinks coffee and it’s legal, that doesn’t mean they themselves should poison their bodies and disregard their god-given morality by doing the same. (Polygamy is cool, but coffee is of the devil, don’tcha know.)

      Whenever I find myself in Provo I go to that Denny’s just for the coffee. 😀


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