From a clinical study of twenty-seven long term __________, Shapiro found that subjects reported significantly more positive effects than negative from __________. However, of the twenty-seven subjects, seventeen (62.9%) reported at least one adverse effect, and two (7.4%) suffered profound adverse effects. Among these we find: relaxation-induced anxiety and panic; paradoxical increases in tension; less motivation in life; boredom; pain; impaired reality testing; confusion and disorientation; feeling ‘spaced out’; depression; increased negativity; being more judgmental; and, ironically, feeling addicted to __________.

The blank? Meditation. See:

Interesting, eh?


2 thoughts on “From a clinical…

  1. solberg73

    A vonderful vay to broach the subject of subjectivity, HH. I’ve often vondered vhether my reaction to the poppies here vas placebo-esque in any vay. Next up: a nice kilo of Heavenly Blue flower seeds. I’d better meditate first before taking the plunge..


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