Dinkytown Conservatism

I’ve mentioned before that the residents of Dinkytown and the surrounding county are generally very conservative and many feel that the Tea Party is neither conservative nor active enough. I wish this was a humorous exaggeration.

The talk around town lately is that the middle school is running out of money, cannot continue to operate at full capacity, and might cut back to four days per week. I remember November, 2012. There were two items on the ballot affecting school funding. One which was state-wide would have bumped funding for our school district by $328k per year. The other was a local ballot measure to increase the property tax mill levy, and would have increased funding for the school district by $790k per year. The voters here voted against both measures, about 6:1 against the state proposition, 53:47 against the mill levy. $1.1M/year that could have been there isn’t.

When the topic comes up my response is always the same: If we’re going to always vote against new taxes and tax increases, always vote for lower taxes, always vote for representatives who will do the same, and do this while paying more than the rest of the world combined to maintain an enormous (so called) “defense”, this kind of thing is inevitable.

The town trustees voted to ban retail cannabis shops, citing the election results of 3:2 against Amendment 64 and various concerns about “the children” and the perception of our town. This ban, naturally, means that the local black market will have no competition. I doubt there’s a high schooler in town who doesn’t know who the dealers are, so they’re going to continue having easy access to black market pot anyway. I don’t really have a big problem with that as I see it as a matter of harm reduction, but what I do have a serious problem with is that the local black market also provides crystal meth. Our town trustees have voted in favor of supporting the local black market by refusing to allow legitimate businessmen to compete against it, and so in favor of providing easy access to crystal meth to “the children”.

This hypocrisy is not invisible to me. When we have an opportunity to do something for the children, we don’t. When we have an opportunity to mitigate the harm they’ll gladly do to themselves, we shoot that opportunity for trespassing. But when personal liberties of others offend our self-righteous (ostensibly Christian) morality we use “the children” as the unquestionable excuse to deny those liberties.

Thank you ever so fucking much, conservative voters. I was apparently not quite disgusted enough already.


4 thoughts on “Dinkytown Conservatism

  1. whyzat

    Conservatives don’t seem to value education in general—at least not for the lower and middle classes. They are suspicious of science, except when it benefits them—like your point about children. I’m afraid that they will just keep doing nothing except buying guns and bombs.


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