Legal Colorado Cannabis: A Non-Issue Already.

I think it informative just how quickly Colorado’s legal retail cannabis fell out of the national news. It was apparently lost to most of those journalism majors (and dropouts) that it’s been more than a year since cannabis possession was legalized, and that prior to that it was decriminalized. That’s right: Prior to legalized possession, possession of up to two ounces was a Class 2 petty offense with a maximum penalty of a $100 fine — in addition to confiscation of your weed and a mandatory court appearance, anyway. For the most part, if you weren’t pissing off a cop or making a spectacle of yourself the pigs just didn’t see it as worth the bother.

Anyway, the biggest news before it fell off of the national radar was that the prices were too high but no one standing in line to score was bitching about the prices because, hey, they were standing in line to score. The latest news is that now that Colorado has legal retail pot the rest of the nation wants it, too. Heh. Go figure. πŸ˜€

I always said, when I was 15/16, that when my generation (Jones, NOT Boomers) came into power we’d legalize pot. Generation Jones is coming into power now — Obama is the first Joneser in the Oval Office β€”Β and here we are with two states down and 48 to go. Obama himself had nothing to do with the progress, of course, which is to be expected. Given a massive financial crisis and prohibition to deal with all at the same time, he chose to be Hoover rather than FDR. Fucking brilliant. I was stoned in high school history class too, Mister President, but I remember that shit just fine. What’s your excuse, man?

In less than a week the news has moved on, forgetting all about Colorado’s legal cannabis retailers.

I might just dash on up the road later this week to score some legal retail cannabis for myself. I haven’t bought ganja since 1986 and haven’t even seen any in the past ten years or so, but I’ve been looking forward to legal pot for a long, long time. It’s certain that when I finally bring some home I’ll be blogging about it. πŸ™‚


3 thoughts on “Legal Colorado Cannabis: A Non-Issue Already.

  1. Sarah Key

    I posted about Colorado’s recreational marijuana usage on my facebook, and I had two people messaging me about the article. I’ve been surprised by the lack of attention and coverage in my area. Unfortunately, I can’t imagine Tennessee allowing recreational use for many more years to come.

    1. happierheathen Post author

      There’s no real attention or news coverage here in Colorado, either. It became a non-issue in less than a week.

      With any luck the ball will be rolling heavy when it hits TN and that horse shit of a first offense half ounce possession being a felony will go away.


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