Uno mas.

Just one more day, then the year we’ve arbitrarily chosen to call 2013 in the part of the world I inhabit will be over.

I’m probably in trouble with a few folks for daring to suggest that it was arbitrary, but a little bit o’ homework will readily dispel any such objection. Such homework is left as an exercise to the reader, as I’m a grumpy fucker suffering tobacco withdrawal and I’ll fucking cut you!

The Hebrew year 5774 began more than three months ago, and the Islamic year 1435 began a bit over a month ago. We’re not too late to the party, though, as the Chinese year 4712 won’t start for more than a month. Most folks on Earth actually use the Gregorian calendar for most things that aren’t calculating their holey days — though the Discordian calendar, which is aligned with the Gregorian, will see the end of its year 3179 tomorrow (and today is Prickle-Prickle, the 72nd day of The Aftermath in the YOLD 3179).

In response to those other signs and billboards we’ve all seen many of by now, I would like to remind you to:


I made the mistake of looking over the news headlines this morning, but didn’t compound the mistake by reading the attendant stories. Apparently lots of folks are glad to see 2013 ending. So am I. I’m bored with it.

I want a cigarette something fierce.


4 thoughts on “Uno mas.

  1. Roadkill Spatula

    It drives me up the wall when people try to give significance to numerical dates, associating them with Bible verses or whatever. Obviously they’ve never studied the history of our calendar.


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