Wandom Winter Wamblings

It’s cold and snowy, and I’ve just spent the night working… I guess some folks spent their Thanksgiving weekends thinking up things for me to do in a hurry. A couple of them didn’t spend it thinking up ways to pay me on time, and one payment will be at least ten days late when it lands in my bank account. I don’t even know whose fault it is, as my client uses a third party service provider for accounting and HR. This does not necessarily mean that there will not be asshole taxes in their future.

Being cold and snowy, I’m going to prepare pork green chili and some homemade (corn) tortillas for tonight’s dinner. Yum to the power of gnosh!

Miss Autumn has been a bit more than just a love sponge since Monday — she’s been downright persistent about it. If I don’t turn in my desk chair to give her the lovin’s she craves quickly enough she hops onto my printer stand and rattles the papers in the tickler file, and if that doesn’t work she messes with the paper in the printer. If that doesn’t work she gets on the printer and meows, and if that doesn’t work she makes like she’s going to walk on my desk, and a couple of times has actually dared to get onto the No Cats Allowed On Here desk. That works every time. Our guess is that she’s feeling discombobulated after Amethyst was home for four and a half days and then back to her usual schedule again. It’s that, or I’m going to end up closing my office door when I’m working. That would bum me out because I like her visits and hanging around as she used to do it.

It seems that the deadly strain of meningitis that is/was a problem at Princeton is also showing up at UCSB (University of California at Santa Barbara), which makes me wonder who the touring visiting scholar from Europe was. Like Princeton did, UCSB is petitioning the FDA to permit them to import and use an as-yet unapproved drug to save their students’ lives, which would be a very good thing indeed, I think. But I wonder: If the dinky hospital here in Dinkytown were to petition the FDA to save my life in the same way, what would the odds be? Dinky, I’ll bet. The gubment is very eager to look in on you but not at all inclined to look out for you.

It ain’t curious at all that scAmazon is making noise about using a quadracopter drone to make rush deliveries — in the peak of the silly buying season. I’ll bet the marketing ploy is working just fine for them despite it being so obviously a (pardon the pun) flight of fancy. What next? Dunkin’ Donuts delivering treats spindled on the horns of rainbow unicorns?

It also ain’t curious that the folks in DC were quick to bail out General Motors but haven’t even mentioned bailing out Detroit. They said the GM bailout was all about saving jobs for common schmoes like us, but the pension funds of the common schmoes are going to get all kinds of fuckerized without an extra nickel flying north from that filthy suburb of Baltimore.

Two weeks ago the news was about the stock market soaring to new heights, and today it’s about consumer confidence sinking to new lows. I fucking toldja that we should have bailed out the mortgage borrowers rather than the mortgage lenders. The situation would be much better if we had — the money circulating in the Main Street economy would have prompted manufacturers to ramp up production and hire people, which would have been good, though not as good, for Wall Street. As it is, all we got was good for Wall Street and a continuing funk in the economy the rest of us live in. Never let it be said that I’m too kind to day I toldja so.

I read a headline and a piece of an article that purported to predict that a “big lie” about the Affordable Care Act might define Oh-blah-blah’s presidency and in an unkind manner. Hmm. Presidents lie, wet dogs smell bad, and cleaning the cat litter box is no fun. There’s news here? A break, please.

I made the mistake of reading YouTube comments… someone said, “Prove to me that atheism is true”. Uh, prove to me that you don’t believe in Santa Claus. What’s to be true about the absence of faith? Proving it correct, now, that would be a trick. The comment was attached to a video poking fun at some idiots who somehow confused Black Friday (in November) with Good Friday (in March or April) and got into an uproar about how crass consumerism is somehow anti-Christian. There was an image floating around the interwebz, I guess, saying something about a Friday that saves yer souls. Some folks is confuzed. About lots of things. (No, I don’t mean all Christians. I mean the dumb ones who can’t figure out the simple things for themselves, but get all demanding of scientifical proves when someone dares to think somehow differently than they do.) Another break, please.

My brief foray into the news and contemporary culture has convinced me that I should spend more time petting the cat and cooking.


10 thoughts on “Wandom Winter Wamblings

  1. whyzat

    I have a lot of humanist, athiest, sciencey sources on my facebook and twitter feeds, which keep me supplied ith interesting articles. The comments sections are sprinkled with the ravings of pissed off christians and the pseudoscience crowd. I “share” some the articles in an attempt to combat the trite religious posters which are “liked” by a couple of my friends. Hubby tells me that I’m being rude. Perhaps.
    Do you make your tortillas from a mix or do you have a recipe? I’ve been thinking about making some since they are gluten-free.

    1. happierheathen Post author

      Rudeness, I think, is always relative to the skin thickness of the witnesses. But, ya know, fuck ’em anyway. 😀

      Corn tortillas are easy, if you have a tortilla press. Just mix up some masa, a little salt, and some water, then press them out and cook them. There are videos on YouTube about it, and then with a little getting of the hang of it you’ll be able to crank them out in no time.

  2. g.

    Sorry, and the thing I came away with… is there somehow a possibility I could have donuts delivered via unicorn? Or was it unicorns via drone.
    The news never stops being depressing. My friend and I were talking and I was extending the Russell Brand theory (well, I’m sure it’s not his, but for the purpose of reference) to apply to everything. What would happen if, rather than rebellion or complicity, we all just stopped participating? Is such a thing possible? Or is the idea just too abstract…

    1. happierheathen Post author

      I like the idea of dropping out so much that I’ve dropped out of every darn thing I possibly could and I’m always looking for more things to drop out of.

      The news is something I occasionally use as a distraction when I need to get my conscious mind away from a problem to enable the subconscious to solve it. Other than that I really don’t pay attention to the world outside of Dinkytown. That’s why I’m so darn boring most of the time.

  3. axiomatika

    the drone delivery is not a good idea–for a few reasons. i was like WTF?

    it’s cold here–for us wimpy californians anyway


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