Some good news, some bad news, on average it’s average.

The good news: It’s returned to wintry weather here on the Western Slope so I can go a few more days without raking up the fallen leaves in the yards. I like snow but dislike raking this time of year when the result will be a couple hundred gallons of leaves and the bother of bagging them.

The bad news: I’ve a bad tooth and an infection between it and my skull, with the threat of meningitis being on my mind. So I’m killing it off with a major round of medicinal garlic, amplified with liberal intake of hot red chile sauce, a combination which leaves me smelling powerfully like Satan’s asshole. I’ve quarantined myself because it’d be terribly rude to go out in public like this.

More good news: A potential new client whom I spoke to more than a year ago wasn’t eager to pay my going rate, so he went with a cheaper outfit. Now he’s back, and throwing away all of the work the cut rate bozos have done. They made a terrible mess of things, which is bad for the client but good for me. I’d feel bad for the guy if I hadn’t warned him the first time around that those who compete on price only do so because they must. He’s paid less for something but got nothing. What a deal.

And still more: Another client has asked me to do a consulting gig, with no actual productive work on my part required. It’s always cool to get paid for voicing opinions. ๐Ÿ™‚

So the count of good things exceeds the count of bad things, but smelling like Satan’s asshole is a very, very bad thing. The only living being that can stand my presence is the cat, who doesn’t seem to mind it at all.


4 thoughts on “Some good news, some bad news, on average it’s average.

  1. axiomatika

    yay for returning client

    yay for the cat having satan’s asshole to sniff

    i’m sorry you have a nasty toothache. hugs make a dental appt please, for the good of you and the public and amethyst, of course


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