Bye Bye Firefox :(

I’m bummed. There was an update to correct a remotely exploitable security vulnerability for the Firefox browser, so I updated it… Now the thing just randomly goes ape shit, consuming 100% CPU until I kill it. So now I’m using chromium (the open source GooGod Shiny Privacy Violator, with the privacy violation functions ripped out) and my general use browser and not just for VoidPress. Chromium is a nice browser, but some of the plugins I really liked for Firefox don’t have functionally equivalent counterparts in chromium.

I’ve been using what we now know as Firefox since it was Netscape Navigator. It was version 1 then. If memory serves, the floppy disks I pitched out when the first one got corrupted were labeled version 1.12. Something like that, anyway. I upgraded to it from NCSA Mosaic, if anyone hereabouts might remember that relic, after Navigator got more betterer than Mosaic. Kinda like the way I upgraded to Linux when it got more betterer than FreeBSD.

I guess I’ll try Firefox again after it’s updated again, and see what happens. Or maybe I’ll try the oh-fishal Firefox instead of relying upon the easier to upgrade Debian version, named Iceweasel because the Mozilla folks got torqued at Debian for distributing a modified version without changing the name and logo. I don’t have any truck with Mozilla, but I am still amused five years after it happened that Debian chose a deragotory name. Iceweasel! 😀 They renamed Thunderbird as Icedove, and SeaMonkey as IceApe. They’re a humorous bunch o’ guys.

And just in case any of you are Steel Pulse fans, as I am:





4 thoughts on “Bye Bye Firefox :(

  1. solberg73

    First thing I do on any new machine is store , in my ‘Installables folder, my prized Firefox 3.6.26. The last version which actually worked well. They try to auto-update you, but the newer versions are ghastly. is this entropy at work?
    sure, i get nagged on half the web-sites i visit, including WP : ‘Your browser is out-of-date, man!’ and i also now have to kill ‘Check Plug-ins’ every time I open the browser, but yeah, it’s my personal choice, sue me.
    This past month, my bank, credit-card company, and electric Co all did web-site- re-dos. With fanfare. All three are now almost unusable.
    (And even dumb-f8ck Xanga has, today, added a new dialog box to those like me with ghost-sites. A drop-down gives you, putatively, a choice between ‘Shut-down Site’ and ‘maintain a basic site (no blogging) But clicking on the latter option brings up a warning ‘Your site will now be deleted permanently. Are you sure?
    I clicked ‘Cancel and fled.
    Just when I thought I’d seen every stupid thing in the world.

    1. happierheathen Post author

      I do my best to be amused by the stupid things in the world because the only way I can think of to stop seeing them is to leave the world. I’ve still got more to do so leaving isn’t even in the decision tree at this time. I do, though, try to avoid as much of the stupid as I can so I don’t visit Xanga or watch Fox News. 🙂

  2. Roadkill Spatula

    I used Chrome very happily for about a year until it got really sluggish and used massive resources. Then I switched to Firefox, and was pretty happy with it. (I use Adblock with both browsers.) But my favorite game, Words With Friends, suddenly quit working with Firefox, so I loaded Chrome again. Chrome requires hitting Refresh nearly every time I move in Facebook, and Firefox still won’t load the game. Fortunately, I’m married now and don’t have as much time to be frustrated with stupid browsers.

    I hadn’t realized Firefox was Netscape. I always thought IE was a bad idea. Unfortunately here at work it’s what we have to use, and I have no administrator privileges.

    1. happierheathen Post author

      I discovered that getting sound out of flash videos in chromium was a hit or miss proposition, so I yanked some potentially conflicting plugins out of Firefox with an eye toward keeping those I consider essential: AdBlock Plus, Cookie Monster, Ghostery, and NoScript. I think the conflicts that came with the update and kept Firefox from working were with other privacy enhancements versus Ghostery, but I could be wrong.

      Firefox’s history ultimately goes back about 20 years — Mosaic was unleashed upon the world in ’93, and Netscape later hired some of its original authors to create Navigator from scratch. Later, when M$ got into the browser game, they actually based IE on Mosaic’s source, which was why Navigator was far superior until version 4. But Nav4 was one step beyond the extensibility of the original code, and version 5 began as a ground-up rewrite — but too expensive, so it was open sourced. Netscape tried to manage development for a while but eventually gave up, which is where the Mozilla Foundation came from.

      IE still sucks. About twice a month I hear from some client or other who’s got a site that works as intended in everything but IE, or vice versa. I’ve got a mountain of workarounds for the abomination that is IE, and I don’t even do web design any more. I just have to know that stuff so I have answers when my clients call.


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