Another Trip Around The Sun

Today marks the start of my 53rd trip around the sun — my 52nd birthday.

With each birthday, I reflect upon the year just past and try to pick out a thing or three that I might learn from it. This year, I got nuthin’. Which seems a very good thing indeed. It’s been a relatively trauma and drama free year. We got Amethyst’s heart fixed up in June, which was a pretty major event — ain’t no such thing as minor heart surgery, after all. But that went well and we’ve not made any runs to the emergency room since.

A whole year with no significant “learning experiences”. That’s really pretty amazing. I don’t recall ever having such a year before. I hope the one just passed is just the start of a whole string of them. It’s pretty cool living on cruise control. 🙂

Usually we handle the birthday gift thing in the easiest way: The one having the birthday says “I want a…”, and the other handles buying it. Well, almost. Actually, I handle the purchase even of my own birthday gifts because they’re usually ordered online and Amethyst for some reason won’t buy online. But this year I’m not sure what I want. I might want a (woodworking) router, or I might want a mesquite tortilla press. What I’ve got and don’t want is decision constipation. Oh well. Once I get it figured out I’ll buy myself a birthday gift. After it arrives, I’ll either cook or do some woodworking. Either is good. 🙂

If it weren’t a birthday and was just, oh, Tuesday, I’d just order both and be done with it. Don’t ask me why I wouldn’t feel right doing that for a birthday, because I can’t articulate it. It’s just not how we do birthday gifts. Why not? No reason. It’s just not.

It kinda sucks that Lou Reed had to jump off on my birthday. I’ve always dug his stuff, and had a soft spot for his reflections of a world I never wanted to know. Except for Metal Machine Music, which sounds to me like I’d imagine a theremin being consumed by battery acid would sound. I’ve never got more than a few minutes into it, don’t know anyone who’s ever listened to it from start to finish, and believe that doing so would likely lead to a persistent psychosis. Other than Lou’s departure, though, I believe I’ve got a good start on the next trip ’round the sun.

Any day that includes tamales is a good day.




21 thoughts on “Another Trip Around The Sun

    1. happierheathen Post author

      Thanks! I’m pretty sure to put whichever I don’t get onto the Yule list. I don’t know why, but for whatever reason those two items are things I want to receive as gifts. There’s no good reason for it, but I’ve never been one to let the lack of a good reason get in the way.

  1. kaylar

    happy day of birth, happier-one. (i think, imho, the Lou stepped through doorway to happier place. i bet he’s trying to decide on the next day of birth. 🙂 i suddenly want a mesquite press.

    1. happierheathen Post author

      Thanks! I can’t imagine Lou thinking that being dead is a good time. It wouldn’t be weird enough for him, unless he’s run into Hunter Thompson, Kerouac, and/or similarly far out souls.

  2. whyzat

    Is that a tortilla press made out of mesquite wood? I’ve never heard of using mesquite that way, but it would look cool. Maybe you could get your router and make your own press. I belatedly wish you happy sun-circle day

  3. Roadkill Spatula

    I hope you’re having a great one. I don’t think I’ve ever reflected on lessons learned on a birthday. Usually if I reflect at all, it’s to wonder if the kids are going to remember in time to organize any kind of celebration. Now that I’m married, I don’t even wonder that.

    1. happierheathen Post author

      Thanks! I’m kinda lucky: I don’t wonder if the kids will remember — because I know they won’t. But next time we talk I’ll get entertaining excuses, like some kind of 21st century country blues song: The car broke down and the hard drive just crashed, the cell phone quit and the card I bought ended up in the trash. 😀


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