Boss’s Day

Today was Boss’s Day. I’ve always been a little bothered by that, in a way best summed up by the question I asked Amethyst just minutes ago: I wonder who was the pathetic ass kisser who came up with the idea of Boss’s Day.

Now I know, courtesy of Wikipedia. Some cunt named Patricia Bays Haroski, who registered the thing with the US Chamber of Commerce in 1958. She was employed by her father at the time, and October 16th was his birthday. I’ll bet she made out like a bandit in Daddy’s will. Why isn’t there also a National Peons Day, when the underappreciated and otherwise holiday-less workers get some appreciation and gifts from their bosses? Or National BAMF (broke-ass motherfucker) day, when we all give our unemployed neighbors racks of beer and cartons of cigarettes to let them know how much we appreciate their dogs’ shit on our lawns, their loud ass cars and stereos, and their dirty vandalous children?

I was joking about that last part. Of course. As usual.

I wonder how many janitors get flowers on October 2nd, which is National Custodial Workers Recognition Day. I’ve never seen it happen, and hadn’t heard of that (unofficial) holiday at all until I just did a web search for it.

I didn’t give myself any tokens of appreciation today. I guess I’m not a very good ass kisser. And I forgot all about National Taco Day on the 4th. Maybe I’ll take the 11th off for Veterans Day, and make tacos. I deserve it. No one said anything nice to me about System Administrators Day this year, which is the last Friday in July, or Programmers’ Day on September 12th.

Amethyst went out right after work to get her boss some flowers and a coffee mug (from the whole department). I was going to tease her when she got home that I wasn’t going to kiss her until she washed her ass kissing lips, but she was just too happy about a gawdy purse that she had just bought. I figured that bringing her down from that height she’d be sure to land with both feet right on my head.

On an entirely different topic: If I were a BAMF on food stamps, and my EBT card suddenly stopped working while the gubment was shut down and some whiny ass Tea Party baby killers were threatening to shove the world economy even further down the sewer pipe than it went when Lehman Brothers collapsed, I’d be stricken with mortal fear. You bet your ass I’d be down at the White-Trash-Mart just as fast as I could get there if I heard the cards were working again and with no limits on them. What idiot wouldn’t want to lay in provisions at a time like that?

Isn’t that what the richies have taught us by example, that it doesn’t matter how you take it or who you take it from as long as you get to keep it? I figure that in the end, all those BAMFs will have their benefits withheld until their balances get out of the red again. Anything more severe than that would be inhumane… But in our increasingly fascist culture, I won’t be surprised if they get kicked off of the program, or even charged with crimes. But White-Trash-Mart will get paid just the same.


8 thoughts on “Boss’s Day

  1. axiomatika

    there’s secretary day. i remember the mister getting stuff for his.

    there should be housewife day–i guess valentine’s covers that.

    seems everyone has a day–doesn’t necessarily mean they deserve it

  2. whyzat

    I think that the company Hubby works for Deems those fake holidays as politically incorrect. I don’t recall him ever getting or giving. I wonder if there’s a Household Engineer’s day? How about Childless Humans” day?

  3. cocosangel

    I had a good laugh, but I agree with everything you say. I could never understand what all this Boss’ day was specially when I was in a law firm. You are right, it is the ass kissers who try to have some special day for the boss. Bummer! And we all have to join in, even if we hated that boss.

  4. solberg73

    Lotsof substance here; the last paragraph is a post in itself. I was a Boss-of-the-weird-kind 15 years. 40 carpenters building houses and I believe I hammered more nails than any of them, in addition to laying out all the walls. Overall, a pleasant memory, built confidence, executive decision-making skills, plus learning how ‘friendly’ to be with the hired help. No presents anyway, not in my direction at least.
    Guess I’m waiting for poppy-farmer’s day. you get a purple flower for your lapel, but you daresn’t eat it till the crowd dissipates

  5. Roadkill Spatula

    I just rediscovered this interesting fact related to my job: “International Translation Day is celebrated every year on 30 September on the feast of St. Jerome, the Bible translator who is considered the patron saint of translators.”

    That happens to be my wife’s son’s birthday as well. My wife will be pleased.

  6. digitalgranny

    Well after the regular folk got screwed by the govt., I guess the Walmart folk decided ti was a good time to be generous.
    Hey maybe Sam is gonna run for pres.
    Walmart is the only place to shop here and the nearest other store is over an hour and a half drive oen way into the city.


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