Ayn Random Number Generator

Ah, yes. That explains it.


11 thoughts on “Ayn Random Number Generator

  1. solberg73

    Excellent![ I would have come up with it , worked on a cartoon, and only then Googled to discover that I’m not as novel as I’d thought.
    yup, we the chosen, brother, among others. Just need to set the bar at some impossible height

  2. greatwyrmgold

    I keep clicking on links from that Google search, wondering if anyone made an actual Ayn Random Number Generator, but it’s all xkcd.


      1. greatwyrmgold

        Yeah, that works.
        I suppose that the biggest problems would be figuring out what numbers, exactly, are biased towards, and why to bother.

  3. whyzat

    I love the word “intrinsically;” it sounds like it should have a “z” but it doesn’t. Ugh, that’s the kind of comment I make when my blood sugar is low. need….cookie…


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