‘Twas Planned, Dammit!

When Amethyst mentions in the course of conversation that the gubment shutdown was planned months ago, people tend to roll their eyes… Here’s the proof that the shutdown was planned at least as early as February. Just in case you’re a doubter, or need some evidence for your own arguments.

Fuck Edwin Meese 3. He was a piece of shit in the Reagan administration and he’s still a piece of shit today. If the bastard were innocent of wrongdoing in the Iran-Jordan (and Bechtel) pipeline scandal he wouldn’t have resigned (from his post as Attorney General).


6 thoughts on “‘Twas Planned, Dammit!

  1. asexatheani

    Being a European social democrat type, I’ve usually held to my belief that both parties suck and are part of the system. In this case, however, this is very obviously an attempt by the GOP to hold the government hostage in an attempt to get their radical agenda pulled through and cling to whatever power they have left.

    They better enjoy this while they can, because they’ve discredited themselves for a generation of voters. Here’s hoping to a progressive (or as I call it, social democratic) future.

  2. solberg73

    My only beef is with the use of the somewhat ambiguous word ‘planned’. Sure, any seasoned politician, on either side of the aisle, certainly foresaw the camel’s nose in the tent opportunity presented by the need to agree on a budget. and Republicans, devoid of what the sane call ‘cooperative spirit and doing what’s best for the country and its people’ looked for the seam in the tent fabric (and talked about it) on a myriad of web sites.
    Mease was already a stinking mouse, poisoned but stuck under the refrigerator, way back before some of your readers were yet born. Yes memory, the key to not tripping over the same branch three times when you’re lost in the woods. as the US seems to be.
    BTW, I loved your suggestion of a car-insurance surcharge on fuels. I suppose the Israeli system of everyone paying a (ridiculously-small) sum of cash monthly, in return for almost-free world-class health care, sounds, to the mease, like communism?

    1. happierheathen Post author

      Wouldja accept “planned by the Koch brothers and their ilk who now issue the marching orders to the GOP”? There aren’t any moderate Re-pube-lickins left these days — those who would be moderate know that if they don’t toe the Koch/Tea Party line they’ll have Koch dollars arrayed against them come re-election time. Rare is the person who’ll sacrifice career for country.


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