Let It Snow

I’ve always wondered about that saying, “Let it snow”. What are the alternatives?

The weather gawds say that we may be seeing our first snow of the season on Friday, and up to five inches of the stuff. The NWS says that there is still uncertainty on the track and severity of the storm. Time will tell.

Our growing season is over anyway, with our season ending hard freeze having come last week, so it’s of no real importance to me whether it snows or not. I got all of the produce in, and several hours later the plants turned black, so I’m done with summer. I might have got enough cayenne chiles from our dozen plants to make a quart of sauce, so I’m happy enough. I’ll be mowing the lawns at least once more, and maybe a few more times before it stays cold enough to turn the grass off for the season. I should have reseeded, but the work got out of control and took up the time for it, then it was too late. Oh well.

I feel like an idiot having grass and no livestock to eat it anyway. On the other hand, there’s nothing else I would want that I could plant without also putting a seven foot fence all around the place to keep the deer from eating it. While that’s perfectly doable when you’ve got acreage, it’s kinda not when you’re on a town lot. Around the garden is one thing, but around the whole property? Nah.

I wasn’t born, apparently, to be middle class. I need a big ole pile of cash just lying around with which I can buy acreage. Preferably enough to get a few thousand acres, just enough to keep the neighbors at a respectable distance. I like for my neighbors to be out of sight and mind until I invite ’em over, or I’m invited to their place. The rest of the time I don’t want to see their lives or hear their noises. So what am I doing living in town? That’s easy: Paying the price for having sympathy for my elderly, disabled parents. This is what I get for not abandoning the old fucks long before I did.

On the up side, I haven’t heard anything from or about those old bastards in four years, seven months, six days, and about four hours. Not that I’m counting… When we were planning our escape from their hell I wrote a quick bit of software to keep my motivation and spirits up by showing the countdown to our departure. It still works, but the numbers aren’t negative any more. They’ll keep right on going up, too. Yay. 🙂

Let it snow!


10 thoughts on “Let It Snow

    1. happierheathen Post author

      Okay, that. Let it snow money! I’ve got a snow shovel, a wheelbarrow… oh, heck, a pickup truck. Lots of empty spaces in the house, too. I could fill most of the family room, at least, and at least two of the four bedrooms, too. I’ll bet Amethyst would even take the day off from work to help out.

      That’s a grand plan! I say let’s do it.

  1. Roadkill Spatula

    Sorry you don’t get along with your folks. I generally had a good relationship with my parents (although solidarity with my ex kept me out of touch with them for a year one time), and was grateful to be within a 6-hour drive of my dad during his last years.

    1. happierheathen Post author

      My parents literally don’t get along with anyone. But I’m always glad to know that someone else has/had a good relationship with his or her parents. It keeps my perspective from skewing too badly. 🙂

  2. whyzat

    I haven’t been watching the weather in other parts of the country. It’s 84 degrees here, right now, so I was surprised to hear about freezes and snow.
    Now that your garden is cleaned up, it’s time to look at next year’s seed catalogs! I love seed catalogs.

    1. happierheathen Post author

      I have a love/hate relationship with seed catalogs. I don’t have land enough for everything I’d like to grow. My last big garden came in at 2,540 square feet and wasn’t big enough even with my intensive planting method. 😀

  3. southernhon

    Wow, I’m a little envious of you with the snow. Never thought I’d say that after leaving the sometimes-snowy mid-Atlantic to points South. I swore I’d never miss the snow, but I do.

  4. solberg73

    In Israel we go totally giddy about even a 5% chance of snow, blessed wondrous snow. It’s snowed once or twice in living memory in my town/area, but just a few miles East, up in the hills we gave to the self-described Palestinians, the mountaintops are often white, gazing in that direction.
    I do recall, of course the apocalyptic feeling of a snowstorm from PA. No school, no traffic, bliss. Only that you still had to feed and milk the cows, somehow, at times even by hand, which took us till midnight with candles.
    I’m also working with close-spacing of plants, even though I have a couple acres Just set out broccoli at 10″ separation. and I had an almost continuous ‘flloor’ of purple poppies last spring. Enjoy the storm, if so be it.

    1. happierheathen Post author

      Here in Dinkytown we have a rugged pride thing that prevents us from thinking apocalyptic thoughts about winter storms. We might go a little slower but we keep on going, and they’ve never called a snow day to let the school kids stay home. I suppose that by now no one wants to break the streak.

      I started intensive planting as a kid when I didn’t like weeding, which I still don’t like. Using the seed packet spacing there’s too much open soil exposed to sunlight, but planting closely keeps the ground shaded once everything is established so the few weeds that do germinate are pale and leggy, consume their root energy quickly, and fall prey to the scuffle hoe. Less work, more produce, what’s not to like? 🙂

      From the look of the radar map we’re just minutes away from the first precipitation. The main track of the storm is just a few miles west, already making snow at the higher elevations in Utah and Wyoming. I’m just about all set for it: My storm preparation consists of sweeping the garage floor before bringing the truck in. 😀


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