Mine Fried Eyes

I’d thought that it was too many hours in front of the computer monitor that fried my eyes… I was wrong. It was Bausch & Lomb Sight Savers lens cleaning tissues. I figured that out this morning, as I sat here with burning, watering eyes and reached for one of those evil fucking things to clean the glasses that enable me to see clearly more than six inches from my face. I put the little foil envelope back in the box and went upstairs to clean the lenses in my traditional manner, with a drop of dish soap and some warm tap water. The misery has been subsiding ever since.

The high price of convenience…

It occurred to me this evening that the last time my eyes got fried like this, in 2007, I was also using Sight Savers that someone had given me. I didn’t put the misery and the evil product together then, but I really should have. My eyes got better not long after that box of 50 wipes ran out. The funny thing is that I was looking forward to this box of 50 running out because I was getting streaks on my lenses from their ostensibly anti-streaking product that I never get with just a drop of dish detergent and plain water.

The MSDS for the evil product says that it’s paper, water, isopropyl alcohol,  and a proprietary detergent. I’d expect the alcohol and water to evaporate away pretty quickly, and neither has caused me any problems before — I’ve used spray-on lens cleaning solution containing both alcohol and water with no ill effects.  Must be the proprietary detergent that’s causing the misery.

I guess I’m just not cut out for convenience products. I can’t stand Hamburger Helper, either. 😀


5 thoughts on “Mine Fried Eyes

  1. digitalgranny

    I am happy you found out what was causing the problem and it is as simple as changing the way you clean your glasses. Sometimes the easier way is not that easy.
    I use white vinegar mixed with half and half water to clean my glasses.

  2. distractedbyzombies

    Yep. Those things are evil. Glad you figured it out before it was too late. I just found out you don’t want to wipe those cling-film screen protectors with bleach wipes. At least not in the instance I used it. All the bleach came ‘popping’ back in my eyes.


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