Amethyst came home today with two dozen real eggs from properly nourished hens. It’s been a while since we had real eggs, as our last source was a woman who works at the hospital where Amethyst no longer works, and our source before that had her henhouse raided by a bear who ate every last chicken in the coop. So, with some decent eggs in the house again tonight’s dinner was pork chops, eggs, hash browns and toast. Oh, how happy a tummy I’ve got now.

One of our plans for this year that just didn’t happen was to get a chicken tractor built and populate it with a half dozen laying hens. Life just got in the way. But then to add insult to it, some folks moved in right down the street and built a nice chicken tractor for themselves and have some number of laying hens in residence. A rooster, too, who sings to the sunrise every morning. He and the other rooster on the other side of our house get into shouting matches, each telling the other to keep his chicken dick at a respectable distance from the harem. I’m half tempted now to add a rooster into the mix when we get our own just to add a little more excitement to the neighborhood. If I ever get around to finishing the plans for the chicken tractor.

I’ve got it all figured but the wheels, which would be easy enough if I were a welder who could fabricate the steel bits that I have in mind for a retractable landing gear sort of arrangement. But I’m not a welder, and the guy who once was my go-to welder guy has long since moved to Washington. And he’s a real dick, too. The narcissistic fuck was once married to a fine woman who bore him three children, not to mention a strong resemblance to Jennifer Anniston, but then he went and raped her. He’s a real asshole but a darn fine welder. I swear, that son of a bitch could weld a paper towel to a water glass. But now I don’t know anyone I’d want working on my stuff. I know some welders, but I’ve seen their work and it’s a wonder to me they get away with it. (I did a stint as a weld inspector and non-destructive test technician, so I know what a proper weld looks like even if I can’t create one myself.)

I guess I’ll end up going with my second place plan, which would be serviceable but kinda hillbilly. I hate hillbilly engineering, but I might be reduced to it.

It’d be worth it, to have a steady supply of real eggs. We’ve got a source now, but it’s not the same as having your own chooks out scrabbling for bugs in the yard.

Be that as it may, I’m a happy damned heathen. I had some real eggs for dinner!


9 thoughts on “Yum!

  1. digitalgranny

    So very cool that you had real eggs for dinner and when I eat eggs I only eat real ones. I hope you are able to find someone to help you build a chicken shed so you can raise your own and have real eggs all of the time.

    1. happierheathen Post author

      πŸ™‚ I’m pretty sure that I’m going to go with option number two. The important thing is that we get some chooks in the yard. They’re a lot more fun than television or the internet. πŸ™‚

    1. happierheathen Post author

      I hope you succeed! A half dozen laying hens would keep the whole lot of you supplied, be a lot cheaper than the egg-like things from the supermarket, and a whole lot healthier, too. Not to mention far more entertaining!

  2. whyzat

    Having chickens running around would be seriously frowned upon in this neighborhood! I hope you get your chicken tractor, whatever that is, and that your hens lay many eggs. Personally,farm eggs make me gag when I see and smell them. Eggs are one of those foods that, if I think about them very much, I just can’t eat them at all. Weird.

    1. happierheathen Post author

      We live in a good town — lots of folks have chickens, and some have other livestock, too. One family usually has a couple of steers through Fall, but they make the animal control cop crazy because their chickens, ducks, rabbits, and whatnot wander the neighborhood. Their closest neighbors complain about the chickens tearing up their flowerbeds and veggie gardens, and I don’t blame ’em one bit for being bothered by it.

      Thanks for the good wishes! πŸ™‚

  3. solberg73

    I’m very much ambivalent on chickens these days. Pretty much can’t plant any sprouts in half my acreage because of the senseless damage they do. Thought about shooting the principal offenders, but i have to sign for every bullet here, Oy. As to ‘real eggs’, I’ve so much tried to taste the repeatable undebate-able difference between mine and store-bought. The comparison is too dirtied up, however, by factors like Ravenous 1-10? , choice of butter, margarine, oil,and ‘other ingredients on the plate’. Usually I just agree “Yup, ya just can’t *buy* eggst his good.”
    My shed is/was until I freed ’em all, simple 1X3 lathe and screen. About 10′ by 8′ by 7′ high. No welding. took a day to build (I was excited in those days. Today they live in an oak tree, when not destroying my crops. Good luck, bro

    1. happierheathen Post author

      Yeah, ya gotta keep the chooks away from the stuff you don’t want scratched and nibbled down to bare dirt, that’s for sure. We have to put a seven foot fence around anything we don’t want going to make venison, so whatever the chooks can get at is fair game anyway. There are a few deer in the yard now, or at least were a bit ago before it got too dark to see ’em. One of the fawns was trying to get at the yummy strawberry leaves, which are going to be black in the morning as we’re catching our first hard freeze tonight. I almost went out and removed the deer netting to let the little one at ’em.

      The eggs we’ve got now came from hens fed on elk meat, believe it or not. Apparently the freezer’s not empty yet and it’s hunting season, so the year old meat is being cooked for the chickens to make room for the fresh stuff coming home soon. I can’t say I’ve ever et eggs from elk-fed hens before. πŸ˜€


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