Mine Eyes Are Fried, Brain Broiled, etc.

I’ve had a brutal workload since Labor Day, and I’m paying the price for it. My eyes are on fire, I’ve got a persistent dull headache, my ass hates my office chair, and I’m mentally fatigued to about three-quarters of a coma.

I won’t say that I haven’t had some fun along the way. I’ve been mentally stretching which is always good, doing things that were about 110% of what I’d done before. And it all went swimmingly, too, which is even better. It means one of two things: Either my brain isn’t as crusty as I’d feared it might be, or the folks who wrote the software I put into use were really very thoughtful in making it easy. I’m going with the former just because it feels better.

I’ve two more things to accomplish before I’m art-officially caught up. One is 95% done, the other about 93%. The sucky part is that they’ve been waiting too long for them, but there’s nothing I can do about that. It’s hard to get more than 20 out of 24 hours per day of productive labor… In my life, everything after the 12th hour is at about half speed, and everything after the 16th hour is going backward, so it’s a wonder that I didn’t blow up two-thirds of the northern hemisphere along the way.

I feel like I had more to day but it’s taken me more than an hour to get this written because I’ve had to give my eyes rests along the way. There are worse problems to have, but this one is enough to make me call it quits for today.

Be well, friends and neighbors!


3 thoughts on “Mine Eyes Are Fried, Brain Broiled, etc.

  1. axiomatika

    great idea to call it quits today. sounds like your cup has been runningeth over. so has the mister’s and it affects everyone. argh. but poor guy.

    rest up or drink up or drink up and rest up. i’m drinking. so cheers


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