Just Fine.

Don’t bury me ‘cuz I’m not dead yet!

The last couple of weeks have been brutal, work-wise, and I’m still not caught up but the biggest challenges are out of the way. I fried my eyes with too many hours in front of the computer, so this will be uncharacteristically brief. Who’d’a thunk it even possible?

I’m going all domestic today. I’ve just got the olla on the stove with my favorite beans inside, equal parts black, small red, and kidney beans, along with a chopped large onion and four chopped strips of thick red pepper bacon from our local meat market/deli. Several hours from now they’ll be delicious. I’ve also got a sourdough fermenting that will make a nice loaf if I’m lucky, and in about two hours I’ll get started on the carnitas that will accompany the rest. I will be one happy damned heathen indeed come dinner time. 🙂

The lawns are completely out of control with all of the rain we’ve had, thankfully nothing like the Front Range is seeing. Living in the Big Thompson Canyon in the ’90s the flood of ’76 will still a common topic, and if we were now where I lived then we’d be stranded above The Narrows with bridges out both above and below. I hope the worst fears of those involved go unrealized.

I’m very glad to be hanging out here on the Western Slope today. Be well, friends!


10 thoughts on “Just Fine.

    1. happierheathen Post author

      I’m hoping this starter doesn’t go south on me. It’s growing so slowly today that I’m concerned for its health. But so far it doesn’t smell funny.

      Thanks! I expect the coming week to be more manageable, but I’m not planning as though it will be.

  1. ordinarybutloud

    Heathen Foods sounds like an excellent new chain. It’s at least as good a name as “Trader Joe’s,” or my new, least favorite name: “Fresh Market.” I mean, whatevs, Fresh Market. You think I’m an idiot? What, you’re called Fresh Market, so you get your fruits somewhere different than Safeway? I think not.

  2. Roadkill Spatula

    I’m glad you’re okay. A friend from work is stranded in a vacation cabin in CO, not directly threatened but unable to get out of the area until roads open.

    The beans sound excellent. I usually overnight mine (for Sunday lunch) in the crock pot with smoked pork neck bones, onion, cilantro, garlic… My Colombian friends loved them when I prepared them down there.


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