I am so choked. My sourdough starter went south on me. The loaf I made yesterday had a strong hint of the flavor of plain popcorn, and the aftertaste was unpleasantly off. I hoped that it was just a case of some odd critter landing in the ferment of that loaf, though it was covered… I made another loaf today and didn’t even bake it. The popcorn smell was evident in the ripe leaven, so it and the starter went out to the garbage can. Damn.

My concern now is that the unwelcome critter came in the 25lb. sack of flour we bought a few weeks ago when our daughter-in-law threatened to come visit. If that’s the case, I’ve still got 15 pounds of the stuff that’s just going to go to the landfill… I won’t know until after I get a new starter going with rye flour and then convert it over to the wheat, and boy oh boy will I be one pissed off heathen if that starter turns bad on me. I wouldn’t mind the cost of the flour, or the direct effort that goes into nursing a new starter to life, but the waiting time is considerable and until then I’m stuck making plain old yeast bread with factory yeast. Damn. I make a good yeast bread, but still, damn.

I imagine that by morning the lid of the garbage can will be pushed open by all that sourdough-like life form growing and consuming everything it can find. I hope it doesn’t get Amethyst as she’s leaving for work.


15 thoughts on “Sourdeath

    1. happierheathen Post author

      I’m guessing it went horribly wrong to smell like that. I had one smell quite funky about 20 years ago, turning reddish-pink, and smelling vile. On the up side, the septic system seemed to be improved by it.

    1. happierheathen Post author

      You totally should! It’s easy, forgiving, and tasty too! The way I make sourdough, there’s no kneading involved so it’s a low effort bread. It’s not fast, an all day thing, but the direct effort is minimal and the result well more than worth it. 🙂

  1. whyzat

    Yes, I can imagine that living, breathing, consuming agglomeration taking revenge for being cast out. Soudough has that kind of attitude.
    I made a starter once, but I’m not a big fan. I do have recipes that use an overnight starter which gives a nice flavor.

    1. happierheathen Post author

      Luckily it has remained less than aggressive for the time being. I’m keeping my fingers crossed until Tuesday morning, and hoping it doesn’t eat the crew of the garbage truck. 😀

    1. happierheathen Post author

      Ain’t dat da troof! I had an amazing culture going before we left Dinkytown on our abysmal misadventure, and haven’t yet managed to recreate it. The one that just died was very nice but failed to get sour, which is probably why it went south. Eh, ya rolls yer dice ya takes yer chances. I’m going to crank up another tomorrow, hoping it’ll be The One once it matures. And if not, there’ll be another. 🙂

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    1. happierheathen Post author

      If “it” is the time to get a new starter going, it’s about a week, maybe ten days depending upon how the planets align. Unless it goes haywire and has to be thrown away, which is really pretty rare. I’ve only had it happen once and it was a long time ago.

      Thanks! I don’t think anyone’s ever said “sorry about your loaf” to me before. 😀

  3. GrannysPlace

    Ahh so you are the one who is responsible for the large sour dough monster running through the fields of the pacific northwest.
    I knew it was you.


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