Threatening A Recipe

It’s settled: I’m inventing a new chicken taco recipe today. If it turns out well I’ll post it for everyone who wants to think about doing it someday but will never get around to it. 🙂

If it turns out poorly, at least there’ll be leftover tequila.

I’d actually had nothing in particular in mind when Amethyst and I wandered into the market where The Roach works. The Roach, by the way, is the most recent of my ex-wives. She’s pretending to be Aunt Bee these days… Looks like her now, too.


I hadn’t even noticed how strong the resemblance is until just now. The Roach has adopted the hairstyle, even, but colors the grey out. I guess I never noticed because I’ve not been within 30 feet of her (Roach) in years, but today she was right out there helping at the checkout and even greeted Amethyst in a friendly manner. End of digression.

We were in the produce section where I do my best Iron Chef brainstorming, but hadn’t an idea in my head yet when Amethyst checked out the avocados. Our local grocer is convenient in that way — the price on the avocados is outrageous as long as they’re hard as rocks, but the price drops as they get closer to table ready. So we skip them while the price is high, then buy them when they’re ready. Amethyst found some that were table ready, which made me think guacamole, and that made me think tacos, and I’m tired of having too much beef, so it’s chicken tacos.

The boneless/skinless chook breasts were way overpriced, $7.59 for two half-breasts, so we decided to hit the meat market where they’re (a) better and (b) cheaper, too.

Then at the checkout our friendly banter led to a joke that led to talk of tequila, and the idea for a new recipe was thus solidified. I sure do hope it doesn’t suck. One thing’s certain: It’s going to be one that sounds weird. And we saved over five bucks by getting our bird parts at the meat market, so yay.

Some of my best stuff sounds really weird. But then so does my worst. Time will tell.


5 thoughts on “Threatening A Recipe

  1. sistermae

    Most of my cooking is from the cupboard Jeff does the shopping and I figure out something from what I have a few times I have given it to the dogs and started over that’s when hubby gets a good laugh

    1. happierheathen Post author

      I almost never know what I’m going to do until it’s time to do it, which is one of the reasons we shop four to seven times each week. 🙂

      I’ve just posted my new recipe. 🙂


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