Kinda Freakin’

Our house phone rang at quarter of five this morning and the daughter unit’s name and number appeared on Caller ID. 3:45AM there. That’s not a good sign. I answered, and heard what might have been her voice under stress. “I’m calli…” Click.

I waited about five minutes for her to call back, then fired off a text message. No reply. Ten minutes more, another. No reply. At the half hour point. No reply. At the one hour point, still nothing. She doesn’t answer when I call. What. The. FUCK!

I woke up some time before 12:30AM and was just instantly wide awake, and life has taught me that I only do that when something is wrong somewhere. I know that’s weird mystical magical airy fairy stuff in the minds of most, but I don’t question it any more. Something somewhere isn’t as it should be, and all that remains now is to find out what it is. Maybe the call from our daughter was a butt dial, despite the fact that her butt dials always hit my cell phone rather than the house phone. I can make up plausible non-emergency scenarios all morning, if I care to.

The problem is that her half-brother is living in her town and is so completely out of control that our daughter and her husband put in a monitored alarm system and bought handguns (and took firearms training before bringing them home) because of him. There’s no reason to suspect that he’s involved if there is an emergency, but he tends to fuck up the most when it’s dark. Lately his bad choices have caught up to him and with all of the bridges he’s burned he’s nowhere left to turn, and I’ve been concerned for a while now that, being desperate, he could be on a course that will make a headline.

I’ll go back to eating my liver now. 😦


6 thoughts on “Kinda Freakin’

    1. happierheathen Post author

      I’ll update if I hear anything. Hopefully with good news about a butt dial.

      I’m just eating it raw. Might go too far and end up gnawing on my pancreas, too.

  1. sistermae

    My son is always butt dialing me I have gotten to the point that it doesn’t worry me…I usually hear a Sorry Mae I butted into you again lol that always makes me laugh….I sure hope all is well with you and yours


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