Lights In The Sky

For a town no bigger than it is, Dinkytown puts on a pretty darn good fireworks show. Ordinarily we’d have gone to our usual spot at the park down by the river to get right under the show, which is launched from a mesa south of town. Amethyst has to crawl out at 3:30AM, so we watched the fireworks from our back deck. It was quite nice. We didn’t get the chest thumping concussion from the fireworks or embers in our hair, but it was neat being a little further out where we could more fully appreciate the echoes of the reports reverberating around the mountains.

It seemed like they might have had some extra shells to launch, too. Maybe not. There wasn’t a fireworks display last year due to the fire danger and they didn’t launch all they had later in the year so I was expecting more — I don’t trust my perceptions unless I have to. Though we’ve got some wildfires around and red flag alerts are common this summer, the show went on. And within minutes after it was done the rain started. Perfect timing!

I noticed a light in the sky, red but with more violet in it than any aircraft light, just hanging there to the south and well west of the fireworks. Hmm. After about a minute, maybe two, I pointed it out to Amethyst. She thought it odd, too, the way it just hung there in the sky going nowhere. That happens from time to time when, say, the air ambulance comes in from just the right direction so it’s coming straight at us for a while and losing altitude at just the right rate. But the color of the light was not even close to the pure red you see on aircraft.

We went back to watching the fireworks, and when I looked back after several seconds on the UFO (unusual fucking object) it was about fifteen degrees of arc away from its original position, much lower to the horizon and south and east. After hanging there a bit, it rose back to its original position and another similar object appeared in just about the same place where the first had been, low on the horizon.

Strange. Weird. All of those adjectives.

The lower object, apparently without moving, just slowly faded into invisibility. Several minutes later, after the fireworks were done, the original did the same. Clouds maybe? Some guys in very quiet, silent to us helicopters had put odd colored lenses on their marker lights and just hovered there waiting to be enveloped by clouds?

I, for one, welcome our new violet-red overlords. Unless they have those damned anal probes or any other uncomfortable plans for me.


9 thoughts on “Lights In The Sky

  1. grannyandthebaldguy

    Absolutely right-no anal probes allowed. They cancelled the fire works show here due to fire danger being to high.

    1. happierheathen Post author

      No worries. I saw Mars Attacks! too, so will just play some Slim Whitman at ’em and watch their heads explode. For dark is the suede that mows like a harvest. 🙂

  2. sojournable

    We saw some people lighting off some paper floating devices, powered by a little fire in a tin dish. The paper could be different colors, giving a different glow. The would rise very slowly and fade out slowly as well. Though, I didn’t see any sink lower and go back up again. I imagine that could be possible with whatever kind of conditions. Maybe it was something like that.

      1. Kara Sigrid

        I like the silver-laced wynndots. Not so much the Black Austrlops. The Buffs – two of six have names and I pretty much love them.


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