There was a time upon once something happened. Of course. All things happen in time. But time itself is defined by a something that happens. Schrödinger’s cat thinks inside the box and so must we.




Arbitrarily, I will start this story six years ago last month. Amethyst and I were empty nesters, prospering and saving money at a great clip, planning to finally pursue dreams that had been on hold for decades. We had some minor annoyances as life will always ensure a steady supply of those, but we were just loving life, doing our own thing, and digging our comfortable groove. Then the telephone rang…


The next five years were an exercise in learning some very painful lessons that we should have learned long ago because they were pretty obvious all along. It’s said that one can become accustomed to just about anything, and it’s far more true than I could have imagined despite having become accustomed to some pretty unimaginable things. Things that rightly should be unimaginable, anyway. I won’t even tell that part of the story because it’s unimaginable to most and sounds utterly fantastic. Suffice it to say that we found ourselves in a horrifying situation, escaped from it to a less threatening but still frightening situation, and escaped from that to an even less threatening but still highly stressful situation.



Along the way, Amethyst’s heart condition which had never before required or received medical attention went from occasional nuisance to chronic danger. We learned that there’s even a name for the condition, PSVT, Paroxysmal Supra-Ventricular Tachycardia. That’s a big impressive way of saying that every now and then, randomly, her heart rate would soar up to about 240 beats per minute and stay there until medical intervention. PTSD was a factor in it, with the two conditions playing off of one another.


We got the PTSD mostly resolved thanks to my herbal stuff assisting Amethyst with her own efforts to effect recovery, but the PSVT kept the very last of the PTSD hanging on. Cannabis might have done the trick to eradicate that remnant, but she doesn’t like it and refused to consider it so we’ll never know if it would have worked.


She had the first surgery to correct the condition about a year ago, but that pesky “extra” nerve didn’t succumb, and two weeks after the surgery we were back in the ER and hugely disappointed. But, on Tuesday, with the second surgery that sucker was severed by a hot wire and is verified to be a non-problem.


Amethyst’s PTSD is gone now, too. She’s happy as a clam and smiling just about all the time, laughing often, issuing random exclamations of joy, and saying that she feels not only young again, but better, emotionally, than she did when she was young. Of course she does, having resolved one of those things that’s in the story I didn’t tell.


And me? I didn’t have a heart condition or PTSD. I got looked over about a year ago, too, and the doc told me that all I needed do to get past the perpetual fatigue, general malaise, and foggy head was to address my “work/life balance”. I told him that my generation (“Generation Jones“) doesn’t do work/life balance, and we figure that sleep is for those who don’t have enough work to do. He suggested then that I ought to see a psychotherapist. Yeah, right.


There was a time in my life when I did spend some time chatting with one o’ them there psycho-the-rapist people. She concluded that there was no reason for me to be there and all I really needed to do was to get divorced. And it was darn fine advice when I finally got around to taking it, too.




With Amethyst’s surgery on Tuesday, and the apparent grand success of it, I find that I’m sleeping soundly at night for the first time in years, my ability to concentrate is greatly improved, my outlook is brighter, and my motivation greater. I expect to be back to 100% soon, and for the first time in years. So it wasn’t work/life balance or psychotherapy that I needed after all. It was to know that my dear wife is okay, and we’re not going to be racing off to the ER again today, or tomorrow, or next week because that threat has been eliminated.

Feelin’ groovy…

















3 thoughts on “Coolnesses

    1. happierheathen Post author

      Thanks! I guess it was inevitable that I would raise more questions than I answered. I could spend a few dozen blog posts worth of everyone’s mindspace laying out some pretty fantastic stuff that many would dismiss as lunatic delusion, but if I’m to set out to accomplish that end I’d get more enjoyment out of crafting fiction. 🙂

      Thanks again!


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