You Don’t Care, But:

To celebrate Amethyst’s excellent surgery outcome and welcome her home, tonight’s dinner was Filet Mignon, sweet potato fries, kale slaw, and my not-sour dough bread. I didn’t take any photos, but I figure we all know what a tenderloin steak looks like anyway.

We both donated a bit to be minced for Miss Autumn, but she’s mad at me and won’t come out of the downstairs bathroom to eat it. Ain’t that something? She’s likely the only cat in all of Colorado who would get beef tenderloin for her supper, and she’ll have none of it. Screwy little six and a half pounds of cat.

Enough of my prattling. Be well, friends and neighbors!


5 thoughts on “You Don’t Care, But:

  1. distractedbyzombies

    It’s been about fifteen years since I had tenderloin steak. I want pictures! Is Miss Autumn still mad about the boarding?

    1. happierheathen Post author

      It’s way too late for pictures. I’ll snap some for you next time around. It might not be too long — Amethyst is talking about buying a whole tenderloin, and it’s tough to get an idea out of her head once she’s got a good grip on it. 🙂

      Autumn finally deigned to eat our steak, but she’s still in a bit of a snit. Since she no longer has Awesome Destructive Claw Power she can’t shred things, and she’s not been to Shoe Pooper School, so we’re just being punished with the withholding of affection until she believes we’re negatively reinforced enough to never do The Bad Thing (leaving her alone at home for more than two hours) again.


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