At The Hospital

We’re here, the procedure began about an hour and 20 minutes ago and is supposed to take two to three hours so I’m just being the only living being evident in the waiting room. Could be there’s a bug or something hiding in a corner, I guess. I’m hiding in a corner, of which the room has just three, myself. It’s kinda cool, a three cornered room. Three corners, 14 seats, five tables, one television, and me.

I wonder what’s good on Netflix.

I’ll update later, after Amethyst comes out and we’re stuck in

some other room for six more hours.

UPDATE: A nurse just came and told me that “it looks like they got it” but the doc wants to give it an hour to be sure. So I guess that’s something akin to good news.

Just spoke with the doc… Amethyst will be out of the OR in about half an hour. Doc says she blasted the hell out of the area with the screwy nerve so there’s no significant chance of it ever becoming conductive again. We can hope…

Update: She’s now in a room just waiting out the six hours of flat on the back time, then we’ll be outta here. Everything is fine, though she has some complaints that she may elect to blog later.


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