Not-So Sour Dough

What was supposed to be yesterday’s sourdough is instead about to be today’s. Of course. First 90 degree day of the year is the best time for baking bread, id’nit?


5 thoughts on “Not-So Sour Dough

    1. happierheathen Post author

      Thanks! It came out wonderfully. My dinner was bread with olive oil schmeared all over it, making me one seriously happy heathen. 🙂

      Oh, and only a slight bit of flying crust despite the heat, making me even happier. 🙂

    1. happierheathen Post author

      It looks like it actually peaked at 89, but still… 6300′ up in the Rockies it’s not supposed to be so warm so early. The evening down-slope breeze bringing the cooler air from the high country has just begun within the last few minutes, and is quite nice. Looking East there’s still snow up there. 🙂

  1. grannyandthebaldguy

    Oh holy moly baking in 90 degree heat does not happen here<:) Your bread sounds like it turned out wonderful.


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