Xuck Fanga

Xanga was my blogging home for about a decade, and when it was working properly every now and then I was quite fond of it. Technical gurus, though, that bunch never was. Their stuff was broke as often as not, which always left me wondering “Why would I pay these clowns for this?”. When my Premium ran out a few months ago I decided to hang around a bit to see if there was anyone awake at the console… There wasn’t.

Now? Now they’ve breached contracts with every user who ever paid for a Lifetime membership. The deal was and still is simply stated:ย One Payment for Unlimited Months of Xanga Premium โ€“ after initial payment to activate a Lifetime Account, no additional payments will be owed to maintain basic Xanga Premium services on that account.ย NOT “Pay us this big sum and you can have a premium account until we change our minds about the wisdom of it”. So, breach of contract. Everyone who ever paid for Lifetime is entitled to sue Xanga today without waiting until the Premium account stops working.

If I’d paid for Lifetime, I’d be ready today to haul the clowns into court on July 16th, if they’re not still BAMFs on that date.

So here I am. I hate WordPress, the software, and PHP, the language it’s written in. I hate that so many people believe WordPress to be a suitable substitute for a professionally designed, properly implemented web site. I won’t ever spend a dime on an e-commerce site based upon WordPress. I won’t ever install WordPress on my own servers, mainly because I won’t install PHP on them.

But here I am, because the friends I made at Xanga are important to me, and many of them are blowing into this burg. Hiya, friends and neighbors!


10 thoughts on “Xuck Fanga

  1. axiomatika

    hiya. honestly fanga can xuck itself at this point. i haven’t really been getting much out of it lately anyway

    1. happierheathen Post author

      I was increasingly dissatisfied with the site itself over the past few years… It’s kinda reminding me of the experience of divorce. I hung on over there for too long, and now that the exit is in progress I find it not all that bothersome. And unlike a divorce, I get to keep all of my shit. ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. distractedbyzombies

        Oh dear. I recall that the last one went well, unless I’m thinking of something else entirely. I hope it isn’t serious, as heart surgeries go. ? Good luck and blessings to you both.

  2. happierheathen Post author

    DBZ: Not serious as heart surgeries go… I gotta think on that one a bit. ๐Ÿ˜€ It’s the same as the last one, only more. The last went went well in that there were no serious complications, but it didn’t exactly work, either. The doc told me on the phone yesterday that this time around she’s going to “saturation bomb” the problem. Everyone wants her heart saturation bombed, eh?


  3. asexatheani

    Hey Heathen, TheThinkingPerson/Steven here. I don’t use this site as much as I should, but I like to drop by from time to time to post the odd movie or anime review. Maybe I’ll start writing prolifically once again.

    1. happierheathen Post author

      I guess it means that rather than trying for precision she’s just going to burn the hell out of everything in the vicinity, as the US did when it saturation bombed North Vietnam. My great hope is that Amethyst doesn’t end up needing a pacemaker because too much damage is done in there. I could be a scaredy cat.


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