Sleep Deprivation Sucks!

I don’t so much mind getting up at 3:30AM. What I mind is the neighbors’ ATV’s, Harleys, and dogs all being loud after 7:30PM when we’re trying to sleep. With sunset not being until after 8:30PM, everyone’s still going strong when we’re ready to drop. VERY ready to drop after several weeks of this.

I can’t really say anything about the noise, as this is a dog and ATV kind of town. It’s what “we” do here, the dogs and ATV’s. Especially the ATV’s. This is a town in which you can get a limited highway license for just about any vehicle, and run around on it all you want as long as you stay on town and county roads, avoiding the state highway where they’re not legal. 

After I’ve had some more sleep, and after maybe doing some paying work, I’m going to build a light and noise blocking panel for the bedroom window. It might be a kludge and a half, but if it does the trick I don’t really care what it looks like.

Until then: Good Morning, friends and neighbors!


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