Only Time Will Tell

I seem to have developed a moderate obsession for industry, the staying busy doing things kind. I’ve just found myself with an hour or so with nothing pressing to be done, and instead of seeing it as an opportunity for relaxation I spun my mental gears looking for something to do. So now I’m here doing this. Apparently I lack the self discipline required to just do nothing.

Fortunately, we’re running off for four days of being not at home, and I hope to discover a previously unknown capacity for idleness. I’ve never really been very good at vacationing, have always been one who required a return to the workaday grind in order to recover from the vacation, and it’s been a long, long time since I managed even that. I might outsmart myself, though, because Miss Awesome and Snoogins The Microdog are coming along with us and will require far more attention than they do at home. I love hangin’ out with my sweetie baybays.

It’s been more than twenty years since I had a vacation that wasn’t just a day or two tacked onto a gonna be there anyway trip. I don’t count going for holidays to the grandkids’ house because, as much as I love the little fuckers and spending time with them, it’s not a vacation. Grandparents the world over understand. Especially the ones who get down on the floor and play with the little brats. A lot has transpired inside the hairy rock I carry on my neck since that last vacation, and I’m hoping that I might have inadvertently unlocked the (get my new word here!) endofuckitall system. Not that it’s a thing I haven’t been kinda working on here and there over the years, but I haven’t really heard a click and said a-ha!

Well, yeah, I’ve heard a click and said a-ha, but it was just me turning on the light to catch the cat playing with the toilet paper again. I’m much more careful now to check that the door is tightly closed.

I’m looking forward to finding out.


We Crazy

Sumfin else we’re trying to do in Colorado, having already done other silly things like regulating payday lenders and legalizing marijuana, is true universal healthcare. Health care as a constitutional right, even, should our Amendment 69 pass in November. Being an amendment to the state constitution means that changing it would require a vote of the people, so going that route keeps capitalists and their politicians from screwing around with it. In fact, the single payer would be a co-op quasi-governmental agency, a “political subdivision”, and so not under the direction of the governor or legislature. Being a co-op, all state residents will be owners, and will democratically elect the co-op’s board of directors.

All the usual suspects are arrayed in opposition to it, of course. Insurance companies, hospital corporations, and uptighty-righties hate the idea.

Me? I like it just fine. It’d add three-something percent tax paid by the employee, six-something percent paid by the employer, and ten percent paid by self employed people like me, but: No premiums, no deductibles, no primary care co-pays, no prescription drug costs. No capitalist finance corporations deciding whether or not we get the care our doctors determine we need. No more employer involvement in health care. No more fighting with insurance companies to make them pay the benefit they owe, and too often failing. All of that and save money too? How could I be opposed?

And there was this insurance company telephone lady a while back who was a massive pain in my ass at a time when I didn’t really need the bullshit. It would just get me completely off to fire her whole fucking company.

Being a complete replacement for the existing health care finance system rather than an incremental tweak of the Affordable Care Act, it’d take us until January of 2019 to actually start using it, but the wait could be worth it. We’ll still be the first state in the union with health care as a constitutional right.

Like the right to smoke marijuana.

Speaking of which, yes, I do. I wonder how it would go with universal health care?

Don’t Go Breakin’ My Heart


Am I still a Bernie Bro after I changed my political party affiliation to Green a few hours ago? If not, what kinds of names might I now be called that don’t sound like slang terms for female masturbation?

In the interest of full disclosure: I am not in any way opposed to female masturbation. In fact, if you are female, I hope you’ll take this opportunity to do so since you’re thinking of it already. I’m all about good ideas that make people happy, don’tcha know.

I’m provisionally very disappointed in Bernie’s statement that he will support Hillary should she become the nominee. I’m suspending judgment until his actual endorsement is issued, of course, but should that happen to be for Hillary I’ll be extremely disappointed. You see, Jill Stein has invited Bernie to collaborate to “ensure the revolution for people, planet and peace will prevail“.

Jill’s got, or I suppose I should say almost certainly has got, the Green Party behind her. She’s their most likely candidate for president, anyway, and was their candidate in 2012. That’s a constituency that’s entirely progressive, and that shares or is sometimes to the left of Bernie’s publicly admitted values. It’s also one backing a candidate who is committed to progressive values like social, economic, and ecological justice rather than one that must continually be forced to inch just a little closer toward them. It’s a party whose platform is very attractive to Bernie’s supporters and whose values are perfectly in line with them, too. The Green Party could easily become Bernie Sanders’ new political home because its values are those he has been championing throughout his decades of public service. Being an established minor party that is attractive to younger voters who are not so enamored of the duopoly, it’s one with inherent staying power if it’s not too badly mismanaged.

Should Bernie not win the nomination of the Democratic Party, he’ll compose what might be one of the most historic sentences in American history when he announces his endorsement for a candidate for president. There’s really no other way to frame it, given that there is a ready-made revolution just waiting for him to energize it. If he endorses Jill Stein, his veracity and his dignity remain unquestionable and his credibility expands to the moon, and will take Jill’s campaign with it. Even if Jill doesn’t win the presidency, it establishes a third party as a legitimate challenge to the entrenched duopoly and a progressive third party at that. That could put into motion a movement that achieves proportional representation, full public-only funding of campaigns, and a whole host of other pro-democratic policies and procedural reforms. Setting that into motion and championing its early development could be the crowning achievement of Bernie’s long career and could earn him a celebrated place in history.

So if it comes to pass that Bernie has to step up to that bully pulpit for what might or might not be the last time he’s got the eyes of the world upon him, and announce which candidate he will support in the upcoming presidential election, he will be publicly choosing between bowing before and swearing an oath of loyalty to the establishment, or striking a historic blow in the fight against it. History just doesn’t offer very many momentous occasions of such crystal moral clarity as that one. Hillary is the queen of the establishment and she will kill countless human beings once she assumes control of the military apparatus of the most violent regime in world history, and Jill is the progressive peacenik who will work to reduce the American military empire to a purely defensive posture and in so doing reduce military spending by more than half. The morality of Bernie’s choice for endorsement could not possibly be any clearer: Murderer, or mother?

That’s up to Bernie.


Must See!


How can it be that support of these trade agreements is not considered treason?

Things like this are why I say that if Bernie is not a candidate come November, Jill Stein gets my vote. This issue is far more important than whether or not we get a nominal Democrat into the Oval Office.