Ugly Cycle

Delayed Sleep Phase Disorder, with which I am blessed, comes with the curse of random non-circadian¬†cycles. Not for everyone, but for many, of whom I am one. I’ve been in one of those for three weeks now, and it either just broke or just got crazy worse. I didn’t get to sleep yesterday until some time after I swore off looking at the clock at 7:30AM, arose around 3PM, went back to bed around 10PM, and arose this morning at 7:10. None of which are anywhere near my normal sleep period from around 3AM to about 11:30.

Our internet connection has been out of shape, too. Thirteen consecutive hours of outage a few days ago, intermittent outages since, then another outage of several hours today, and the whole town affected. Being of unsound mind and body, I decided to take advantage of today’s outage to build Amethyst her new workbench. Five trips to the hardware store without having done a damn thing yet convinced me that it’s time to accept that I don’t have brain enough to do even simple things.

Which wouldn’t be so bad if I didn’t need sufficient brain to do my job. I kinda made a career out of doing difficult things well enough that I can just sit on my ass at home and people will come to me to ask me to do them, so being three weeks jet-lagged puts me in a tricky place. I don’t know how to fake it. The computers won’t be fooled. Damned things.

It’s these episodes that remind me that I’ll be 55 years old in a few months and still in a profession that is unkind to mental decline. I’m glad to feel Strange-Ri-La getting closer, with the mothership that will give us options by making life very economical. If the software gig gets beyond me after the mothership is fully operational, well, then it does. If Amethyst’s gig is doing well, I might just kick back and put all thoughts of money and commerce out of my head for a while. I could be a kick-ass house-husband.

Except during non-circadian cycles.

Hoping that mine’s just ended I must toddle off before I screw myself up. G’night, all!


Could it be?

Does time love a hero? Only time will tell.

Amethyst booked her first ever sale today, and the young woman was just completely thrilled. It was huge fun for me, too, as the fucking guilty bystander. I wasn’t at all innocent in the thing. I didn’t do anything to coerce or fraudulently obtain a sale or anything like that, not really. I just kinda goaded Amethyst into a little test marketing with a presumptive customer who’d been asking to see some pieces for a little while now.

So it has now been firmly established that the reasonable formula I proposed to Amethyst for the pricing of her products has the magical quality of resulting in prices that seem too high to Amethyst but perfectly and unhesitatingly acceptable to her customers. All one of them. But it was an important question and the one answer we got agreed with me so it’s the right one.

I’ve just got to believe that when a 54 year old hippie pagan chick just walks the fuck out saying to hell with you hostile bastards I’m gonna go make jewelry for uppity chicks, it’s just heroic enough that the universe has to miracle up rewards for it. That’s the romantic thing for the universe to do, anyway. Because it makes no sense but it wants very much to. The universe, that is. Uppity chicks always make sense. From a certain perspective.


I looked at the news, mostly just the headlines. It’s apparently becoming reality check time. Group therapy here we come. Try not to sit next to the crazy violent fuckers.

Oh, and please do try to pay more attention to who’s good people, too. That’s fixin’ to be a really important thing to know how to do, telling the difference. If we were better at it all along we wouldn’t be in this mess.

Funkin’ It Up Good

I ain’t real sure what happens next, but the whole album this one’s from is on the soundtrack:

The Strange-Ri-La we had envisioned for all those years required that my body be unbroken and at full capacity for the first several years of it, and that’s no longer how that equation balances so I’ve been thinkin’ up other ways to do it. I’ve got all kinds of stuff going on in this pointy little head of mine, and I’ve been kind of struggling with how to put it all together in the mostest bestest form-follows-function manner because I’m going to stay old and get older there so I have to approach it that way.

That’s a much harder approach to swallow than it might at first glance seem. But having got that sucker down I’m able to see how I had assumed too much in the original idea, and this new one is very attractive to me for a number of reasons. All the reasons, really, but that’s another story entirely.

A few days ago, maybe a week ago, I hit Amethyst with an idea of where the form-follows-function approach is taking the design of the mothership at present but before the math is done so the surprises might go the wrong way and scrap it, and her immediate response was to ask how we might decorate it. When I told her that decor remains her department, she said that she thought it could be as funky as it should be for us and off we went talking about those kinds of things. It was huge good fun because I’ve always admired her taste and I don’t think she quite gets yet that it’s a true go for it zone so I’m looking forward to when she does.

The thing I had just hit her with was so completely post-industrial neolithic hippie that most sane women would want a few more details before talking about placement of the patio furniture, but she just jumped right into it and pretty much said that whatever I come up with is just fine with her as long as it keeps warm in the winter. This is a woman who knows that I have all kinds of screwy unconventional notions in my head and get more of them all the time, too. And she likes them.

Things could get really interesting. As if they aren’t already.


Though I’d been expecting it, I’m still disappointed that Bernie proved himself to be less principled than he’d led us to believe he was.


Some random elwood went crazy all over the comment sections of my blog. I’d noticed it, but I don’t really find random elwood insanity particularly interesting so I wasn’t reading it. I got pinged a while ago, and it got me to thinking that maybe I ought to take a peek. Some random elwood had gone full asshole on one of my friends. Some random elwood has gone away now.

I don’t know what there might be among my collected writings here that might suggest to someone that assholery will be tolerated. That’s pretty much the opposite of what I’m all about. Anyone who can’t figure that out in pretty short order just isn’t looking past the back sides of his eyes.

When I’m not here it’s because I’ve far more to do than to say, that’s all.